Gored skirts are another version of an A-line skirt where they have a number of stitched sectional panels which are specifically to provide ease of movement. They basically are free to walk in as they have panels it makes the skirt expand on movement and contract when standing still. Due to the comfort they provide while walking they are a must have for everyone. They are mostly worn on casual occasions such as pool parties or beach parties. Here are some tips that would help you in choosing them.



It is important to select the right fabric when going for a gored skirt as the right fabric would give you the right look. Some of the fabrics that you can choose are Rayon blends or leather or even denim.

Body Shape:

Pear Shape:

pear shaped

If you have a pear & triangular body shape then it would be better to opt wider flares. As these type would suit you best by balancing out the hips and keep your legs in proportion with the extra fabric around the calves. It is better to go for longer skirts as when you have long inseams it would make your legs look slim by giving them an elongated look. But no matter what keep in mind that long tunic style would look very good and they should never be tucked in.

Rounded Shape:

round shaped

If you have a rounded shape body then it is better to go for a skirt with wide flare which would be very helpful in drawing the attention from the waist. If you want to look slimmer then it is advisable to go for vertical design and pattern.

Inverted Triangle:

inverted triangle

If you have an inverted triangle shape body by choosing skirts that flare out to make sure that there is a balance between the body and the skirt. It is better to go for patterns that would divert the attention from your shoulders giving you a more feminine look.

Rectangle Shape or Thin:

rectangle shape or thin

If you have a rectangle shape or are very thin then it is best advised to stay away from gored skirt because it would not suit you and so it is better to go for other skirts.



As gored skirts are available in a wide variety of colors and designs it becomes difficult to choose the right one but as always a blue or green gored skirt is the safest option as it is not only suited for many occasions but also they add to your glamour giving you a sensuous look. Not only that these two colors are the only options, you could also experiment with interesting patterns and bold colors as they spice up your gored skirt. In case you are looking for something that you could wear for a relaxing day at home you could go for softer colors and simple embellishments. In case you want to try them for a more formal occasion such as office then you could pick them in shades of brown, gray, and navy as they give a more professional look at the same time they are attractive.