These are skirts that are free flowing and extend up to the ankle with wrinkles all along the length. This is a fun skirt that is mostly worn at casual occasions. Broomstick skirts are one of the most favorite skirts among the young crowd, especially the college crowd. They are very comfortable and stylish to walk in and yet they are very stylish, this is why they are so popular. Broomstick skirts are available in various colors and patterns that are just lovely to look at, here are some tips on how to choose them.


While it is easy to style there are certainly some things that are to be kept in mind while going for a broomstick skirt such as the fabric. When going for the fabric of the broomstick skirt you can choose from either cotton or linen based on the weather and the look that you want to give.


If you are tall and slim then any type broomstick skirt will absolutely look good. Therefore it is these type of women who can experiment with any composition, from patterns and prints. They can also go for bold and neutral tones, to various designs. It is best suited for them to go for skirts which are lengthy and hide the feet as a result they flatten their figure. If you would want to look shorter than you could go for horizontal details. In case you are short or petite then you could go for long skirt as the length would trick and give an illusion of heightened silhouette. It is advisable to avoid large prints and heavy models instead you could go for lightweight fit and subtle sleek outfits. You could also try to match the long skirt with tight blouse with the same tone. It is advisable to go for skirts which are a few inches above the ankle or even below the ankle to enhance much higher look. Heels can also be used as a means to add some height. If you have an H shape or lack a defined waist then it advisable to go for straighter shapes that follow the lines of your body and as a result look the most flattering.


You also need to consider the color of the skirt as it is important and is based on the occasion. If you are planning on an evening wear then you could go for dark and solid colors. If you are planning for a more casual event then you could go for prints. When going for prints make sure that you match them with the top that you are wearing otherwise your top and bottom would be competing against each other and would thereby ruin your look. If you are planning for more of a dress that is suitable for many occasions then you could try neutral colors like brown and grey.