They are very modern and chic at the same time they also look slimming, they are one of the hottest trends this autumn. When choosing a straight pant the most important thing is the fit, in case the fit is not perfect then they would look very odd so you need to make sure that the pants are your fit. But once you have found the perfect fit then straight pants are those pants that you can wear from dawn to dusk and at all places, that way they are very versatile.

There are certain things that are to be considered while choosing the right straight pant for you. Like going for the fabric it is important that the pants should be in line with your physique and should not be flaring out or loose like track pants do i.e. they should be well structured. The fabric should be simple and should not be shiny or something that would scream out.

Body Shape:

straight pants bodyshape

You also need to consider choosing a straight pant based on your body shape such as if you are pear shaped then you need to be really careful when choosing straight pants especially if you have large thighs. It is important to make sure that the straight pants you choose are not tapering or pegging too much at the hem or else you would look really odd. Try to avoid styling your straight pants with ankle straps, dark shoes and completely flat shoes. The thing that you need to ensure while styling straight pants is that any part of your body that you lengthen will automatically look slimmer.

Colors and Patterns:

straight pants colours

When going for different colored straight pants it is always advisable to match them with the tops as you need to understand that bright top and bright pants do not mix well. So it is advised that when you have a bright top that you go for more of a neutral colored pants such as black, blue, gray, white and taupe. In case you are petite then it is advisable to avoid straight pants which have large patterns. If you have a large body or are on the plus side then steer away from choosing straight pants which have small patterns. When going for color you might want to consider Black as black straight pants would give the ultimate chic look. You could rock a party with black straight pant and at the same time, it would also look good in a formal location as well, making it the safest bet while purchasing a straight pant.


straight pants shoes

When it comes to accessories picking the right footwear is a compulsory as you could completely ruin your look by failing at footwear. It also depends on the occasion that you are wearing them to, for example, if you are going for a formal occasion then you definitely need something that would convey a level of authority at the same time maintain class and for this the perfect solution is heels. Also it is best to go for black heels as they would look fantastic, but make sure that they are comfortable heels. You could also rock the cocktail party look with the help of thinner heels. You could also try and experiment with the help of pointy pumps, it would really boost your look and make you the showstopper.