Circular skirt is a skirt that forms a perfect circle. This is a skirt that has a skinny waistline and flares out, it has a longer variation as well which can be worn as a formal wear. This skirt is the perfect choice for slim, pear shaped and hourglass shaped women. Here are some tips that would help you in choosing the right one.



You could style your circular skirt with an appropriate top all that you need to keep in mind is that you should not be very flashy when you are going for the color and it is important to choose the right length of the skirt. In case you were planning on wearing one to the office then it is a perfect choice as they can look stylish and modest at the same time. When going for different colors you could try for dark, sober colors.



Circular skirt can also be worn as a casual wear for daily basis or even small outdoor events. They give out a very fun look and come in various bright colors for you to choose from. You could try pairing them with different tops and accessories based on the type of occasion. You could also get a fun look by opting for different patterns and designs such as polka dot pattern or even a floral pattern one.



As Circular skirts are available in a wide variety of colors and designs it becomes difficult to choose the right one. Based on the occasion you can go for bright colors such as yellow or pink or even neon based colors. In case you want to try them for a more formal occasion such as office then you could pick them in shades of brown, gray, and navy as they give a more professional look at the same time they are attractive.

Body Shape:

body shape

Since it is suited for many body types it is loved by everyone but there are certain body shapes who should definitely go for this skirt as it would add extra glamour to you. Some of these body shapes are pear shape, hourglass and if you have a slim body. This skirt emphasizes and brings out your curves thereby gives an illusion of slimmer waist and so it is the perfect skirt for pear shaped body. As most of the features of this skirt goes to give an illusion of an hourglass shape, this skirt is also suitable for an hourglass body.
If you are short then it would suit you very well but it is very important to choose the right height. If chosen wrong it would only give an impression that you are short. So it is always better to go for a skirt that would come to the knees or you could wear a shorter one if you have confidence on your legs. But keep in mind to avoid hem detail or stiff lines as it would contribute only to your lack of height.