Layered Skirt has layers of fabrics which are stitched one above the other. This is a very fun and lovely skirt that is now gaining popularity. This skirt adds volume to your body and therefore it is the best skirt for women who are slim. This skirt is available in three heights such as above knee length, knee length and calf length, you have to choose them based on the occasion and your body type. There are some things that are to be kept in mind while choosing the right layered skirt such as.



Length of the skirt is very important and they do come in different length such as mid-thigh, knee and mid-calf length. There are ways to choose the length and based on the length it would depend how you look for example if you go for a mid-thigh length then it would add volume to your hips thereby giving an illusion of a curvy woman but at the same time it would also help in hiding large hips. The drawback of this length skirt is that they would make thin legs look thinner and wide legs wider. When it comes to knee length skirts the advantage is that they are best suited for wider lower body women as it would divert all the attention of the curves and would make your body look short and at the same time it would add very little volume to the bottom and hips but it would also make your legs look shorter and sometimes narrow. Mid-calf length would be the best to hide your legs as it would completely hide your legs and would increase the look on your movements.

Body Shape:

body shape

If you are on the thin side then this is the best skirt for you as it adds volume to your body there by making you look healthier. If you have an hourglass shape then you are definitely blessed with figures that have balanced proportions but even then it is important for you to be on the lookout for a dress that helps in bringing out the best in you. But this skirt is not suitable for some women such as women who are apple shaped and pear shaped. As the skirt has a lot of detail it would only go to adding more volume to them.



When going for the color of the skirt it is important to note that blue and pink are the pretty common ones. Although you make look wonderful in blue or pink, it may become a routine color so instead you can go for bold colors such as red or purple. In case you want to give a fun look then you can also go for a neon color such as lime green or tangerine. The idea is to look different and yet fashionable so if you are in doubt and are scared of experimenting then it is best to go for a skirt which is either blue or pink as you can’t go wrong in these.