A jumpsuit is a one piece garment which covers from top to bottom and is very comfortable to wear. These dresses are very popular nowadays especially with celebrities dawning them. Jumpsuit gives a very chic and gorgeous look. But they are to be styled properly otherwise they would just look odd. Here are some tips on how to choose them.

Body Shape:

Rectangle Shape:

rectangle shaped dresses jumpsuit

If you have a rectangle shaped body then you can go for larger jumpsuit or even a loose jumpsuit, basically the idea is to cover for your curves and so you can go for different volumes and fabrics. You could also try out jumpsuits which have small patterns or even block colored ones. In case you want to project a feminine look then you can definitely try short jumpsuits which would also give a stylish look. But do stay away from form fitting jumpsuits as it would not be suitable for you.

Hourglass Shape:

Hourglass Shape

If you have an hourglass shaped body then you need not bother much about styling your jumpsuit as you can wear almost everything. Since you have the perfect figure all you need to keep in mind while shopping for a jumpsuit is that it should definitely be form fitting, stay away from loose jumpsuits.

Curvy Shape:

curvy shape

If you have a curvy shaped body then you need to opt for jumpsuits made out fabrics that are more fluid like as they would enhance your curves and would flatter your body. When going for colors make sure that you pick out plain colors as they would give an illusion of a slimmer body. You could also try and experiment with the necklines, you can go for a V-neckline as it would look good on you. You could also try to make your waist look slimmer by adding a belt at the waist or even a jumpsuit with buttons on the front side. No matter what always stay away from jumpsuits which have large prints or form fitting ones as they would enhance your body and make you look fat.


height jumpsuits

If you have short height then it is best suited for you to go for a short jumpsuit as it would make you look taller. Another great way to give an illusion of a taller body is to wear high waist jumpsuit as it would look as if you have longer legs. Always try to go for jumpsuits with tapered leg as if you would go for a wide leg it would look odd. Whereas if you are a tall women then you must definitely go for wide legs, as you have the height you can also go for super wide legs. You could also go for jumpsuits which have more fabric and fall loosely, try to go for jumpsuits that are not form hugging as they would not suit you.