Wide Leg pants are loose and comfortable making them the suitable to be worn by both plus size and skinny girls. They are retro and at the same time are on the fashionable side with the bell bottoms at the end. They are very versatile and go very well with crop tops and stilettos or pumps. They are known to tone down the inches off of people who are on the heavier side. Wide leg pants are very comfortable and very easy to pull off as they can be worn for formal and semi-formal occasions as well. You could experiment them with a formal shirt and try on different colors to make the office look even better.

The main idea of wide leg pants is to make your legs look taller. It also helps if you have a pear & triangular body shape then it would be better to opt for Wide leg pants. As these type would suit you best by balancing out the hips and keep your legs in proportion with the extra fabric around the calves. When you have long inseams it would make your legs look slim by giving them an elongated look. Wide leg pants come in various designs and colors so choosing them from so many options available is a tough task.



Although usually, wide leg pants come in few colors now they are available in many colors. There are some colors which would look best on you depending your body type and occasion. For example if you have a petite body then you would look better in lighter colors and if you are on the plus size then it is best to go for dark, solid colors. In case of occasions it is always best to go for dark colors for formal occasions and bright colors for casual occasions.



Wide leg pants are not always in plain solid colors they are also got in different patterns which make more interesting and can be mixed and matched with different attires based on the type of occasion it is worn for. If you have a plus size then it is better to go for large patterns as you would look more flattering and if you have a petite body then it is best to go for smaller prints. If the occasion is a casual one then you could experiment with fun patterns and if it is more of a formal occasion then it’s advisable to go for solid prints.



When going for footwear to go with Wide leg pants some of the options are wedges, platform heels and also you could always try Boots.



When picking the accessories for wide leg pants always keep in mind that it is best to have a simple jewelry i.e. having them to a minimum in order to avoid clashes with Wide leg pants. Do try to go for a small hand bag as it would go well with wide leg pants.