We understand that summer melts your makeup and you end up looking cakey and your makeup is all odd.

There are some simple steps you can do before, during and after you apply your makeup to keep it all in place. From prepping your skin differently during the summer to fight excess oil, being a genius with how you’re applying it. Here are all the tips you just need.

Summer Tips On Makeup1

1. Makeup melts not just because of heat and sweat, but because of oil that the skin produces. Skin actually produces more oil in the summer months, so ensure to grab an oil-preventing cleanser.

2. Apply foundation only where you need it and if you can, skip it totally. Use can you alternatives such as bb creams and cc creams rather than heavy foundations.

3. Best coverage for summer is Light or sheer. A good idea is to choose a tinted moisturizer and use concealer on the problematic areas of your skin.

4. If you are that girl who can’t skip foundation, then use a primer first, give it a 5 minutes to set and then layer the foundation on top it. This helps to keep the foundation in place. Then set your makeup with a translucent powder.

5. Does your eyeshadow go out of place? Use an eyeshadow primer. This helps keep your color brighten up and prevents from sliding or creasing of the eyeshadow.

6. Creamy textured eyeshadows are best because they’re less likely to get disturbed. So now you know which one to choose when you go for your makeup shopping

7. Water-resistant mascaras are any day better than waterproof ones. Mascara is that one product that instantly brightens up your eyes. So look out for the best option which is long lasting and is water resistant.

8. Use a lip stain rather than a lip gloss or lipstick, as it stays for a longer time. Matte lipsticks may dry out your lips very soon so make sure you give a good moisture to your lips before you go ahead with the lippies.

Summer Tips On Makeup2

9. A small trick to even out your lips is to apply concealer on your lips and then apply your lipstick on top of it. This creates a base for the lipstick to stay for longer hours.

10. A makeup sponge in your bag always comes handy. Smoothen away any creases that develop on skin by draping it on with your makeup sponge. Set your makeup with a compact powder.

11. Summer makeups are never over the top. Go lighter and gentle on the skin. Start with a lightweight primer, and then layer it with a lightweight foundation. It’s always better to opt for tinted moisturizers with SPF instead of the usual foundation. If you don’t own a tinted moisturizer the all you gotta do is to combine a small amount of the liquid foundation with an equal amount of moisturizer, combine it really well and apply it on your skin.

12. For the cheeks, opt a mousse, gel or liquid blush. Powder blushes tend to fade away sooner.

13. Do not forget to set your makeup with a makeup spray. This locks your makeup and doesn’t let it grease.
Hope you found these tips helpful. Bring out the best in you this summer, stay beautiful as always.