With the temperature only getting higher each summer in India, summer fully drains us out. To keep up the energy high in this season, it is important to know what food gets the best out of us. Luckily many of the summer’s fruits and vegetables are nourished with secret health benefits. Let us help all you foodies out there with what summers gotta offer you.

Green Veggies
green veggies

Green vegetables are available all-round the year but it’s good to have lots of them during the summer because of their high water content. Get creative and make a smoothie out of it or add them to your salads. As the fiber content is high in green vegetables it definitely adds to your good health

Ice Creams
ice cream

summers are never fun without ice creams. Frosticks and that yummy looking popsicles can joy up your mood. Add some fresh fruits to them to make them and dive in your taste buds once in a while.

Lime water
lime water

The magic lime water or nimboo pani is not only refreshing, it also has amazing health benefits for you. You can have it anyway- sweet, salted or add a dash of black salt to it. You can also try out Tang that is available in two flavors, the lemon or the orange.


Yogurt is a delicious coolant. You can have it as a buttermilk or make a sweet lassi or add fruits to your yogurt and make a smoothie. Yogurt lot of nutrients in it which helps to beat the heat in summer.


Summer is nothing without fresh sweet corn. Two antioxidants – lutein and zeaxanthin present in corn help to form macular pigment that filters out some of the sun’s damaging rays. The same antioxidants help to lower your risk of the leading cause of blindness. So corn is delicious and can be added to a variety of dishes and helps in maintaining your healthy diet too.


Melons are your best friends in summer. It keeps your mood fresh and helps you stay hydrated. The good news is watermelon helps avoid binge eating as it makes your stomach feel fuller after you eat watermelons. So one healthy way to kick start your summer diet is to add melons to it.

Home food
home food

One important tip in summer is to avoid eating outside food as the junk foods are high in calories and also they may heat up your body giving lot of health issues. Look in to lot of easy salads and healthy meals that can add to your healthy diet and let you escape all the dangers of summers.

Coconut water
coconut water

coconut water is a complete package of health benefits and has wonderful cooling properties. It consists of simple sugars, electrolytes and essential minerals which helps the body to stay well hydrated.
Now that you know how to stay healthy in summer, add on these healthy supplements to your diet and escape the summer heat with ease.