Kids are most excited for summer as it is their vacation time to have all the fun in the world. As parents we should know how to manage the risks of sunburn and heatstroke. We should make sure that kids put on some sunscreen before they go outside to play, and put a hat on their head. Here are some tips you should keep in my mind and follow them before you send them to play outdoors.

1. A small backpack
Let them carry a small backpack containing a water bottle, some energy drink and some snacks to eat. Let them stay hydrated in between their plays. This gives them energy and helps them have fun in the heat.
carry backpacks

2. Provide a water bottle
It is very essential for everyone to have plenty of water during summer season. More so for the kids, because they might sweat out while playing in the heat. Water flushes out all the toxins from the body and helps in providing fluidity for the flow of blood.
Provide a water bottle

3. Fresh juices and lemon water
provide them glucose water, fresh juices, coconut water, buttermilk or lemon juice as refreshments to level up their energy and make the kids not feel so drained out in the heat
Fresh juices and lemon water

4. Light colored clothing
Dark colors absorb more heat. Put on light color clothes so that the clothes can breathe through and not cause more heat.
Light colored clothing

5. Sunscreen cover
Do not forget to apply a good sunscreen, with a high SPF factor, before your child is about to go out in the sun to play. The sunscreen helps in protecting your child from the harmful rays of sun. Also provide them with hats and shades to protect from direct sunlight.
sun screen

6. Say no to junk food
Lots of spicy junkies like pizza, pasta and burgers can create heat in the body and can cause lot of problems. Go for fresh fruits like watermelons, muskmelons and kiwi. Also feed them green vegetables which has a lot of fiber content and is good for their body.
say no to junk food

7. Insect repellents
Applying insect repellents is mandatory for the kids before they go out to play. It protects them from insect bites and bugs that can cause various infections. Also choose your fabrics wisely. Cotton is the best during summer.
Insect repellents

8. Keep kids out of mid-day sun
Try to keep your kids out of heavy sunlight especially during peak hours from 12-3 .Instead engage them in indoor activities during that time of the day. Evenings are the best for outdoor plays
Keep kids out of mid-day sun

9. Prevention from injuries
Make sure you keep an eye on the kids while they are playing. At home, maintain a first aid box as they can come handy any time. If they are playing any sports then make them wear appropriate shoes and instruct them to be careful while playing and running. Make sure there is no violence among the kids as it might lead to hitting each other and causing injuries.
Let your child get the best summer vacation and give them this amazing experience while keeping these tips in mind.
Prevention from injuries