In today’s world people are so busy that they barely have time to eat. You don’t even realize that you have gone without drinking water. You have to know that being hydrated has a lot of advantages, including helping you maintain your energy and focus so you can operate more efficiently, so it is really important that you give your drinking habits the attention they deserve. We bring you some simple tips to fuel up yourself with fluid throughout the day

Summer Tips For Keeping Yourself Hydrated1

1. Always carry a water bottle wherever you go. If you have desk job, don’t forget to keep one at your desk. The trick is to keep the bottle within arm’s reach. This helps you to drink water without any conscious effort and you stayed hydrated with really any effort.

2. When you’re feeling tired or hazy, get yourself a glass of cold water. Survey show that people instantly feel more refreshed after drinking cold water. So don’t forget to try this out.

3. Sip on a cup of herbal tea every evening. Make this a habit, and we’re sure that you’ll add an extra cup of fluid to your trolley every single day. To top it off, this relaxing routine is a wonderful way to de-stress at the end of the day.

4. Eat a rich diet in whole foods. By consuming water-rich foods like vegetables and fruits you are automatically increasing your fluid intake.

Summer Tips For Keeping Yourself Hydrated2

5. The key is to get creative. Most of them avoid water as they find plain water boring. Try out mojitos or smoothies with various fruits and vegetables and add up a new one every day to your routine which indirectly increases your water intake

6. Track your urine: The most essential and one of the easiest ways to know if you’re staying hydrated is this one. This definitely helps you understand where you stand in terms of your water levels.

7. Set a timer: There are lots of Apps that you can download in your phone that reminds you to drink water. Using a timer will reprogram the mind to level up your drinking habits.

8. Ditch stimulants: Kids these days tend to drink aerated drinks such as coke and Pepsi. They are no help to health except helping you in getting over with immediate thirst. Find options to replace such drinks with lemon juice and sugar cane juice or other fruit juices to help them give that healthy boost to their immune system and also helps them stay hydrated. Also adults should take care of their caffeine levels. Too much coffee will have a diuretic effect on the body, which will lead to dehydration. It is also important to stay away from too much alcohol as it creates heat in the body

Water also helps in cleaning your system. It acts as a natural detox and flushes away all the toxins in the body. So it is really important to give your body that hydration it deserves as dehydration may lead to various health issues which none of us are up to! Stay healthy and stay hydrated.