Summer calls for vacation and comfort clothing. You have to be sensible in choosing what you gotta wear in summer. You can’t just be all bling and layering up is a big no no! So here we present you few tips and tricks. No matter what your body type is, these tips will come handy and will make you look Cool !!! Let’s jump right into it.

1. Say yes to flats & wedges.
Say yes to flats & wedges.

Ditch those heels and boots for the summer. Bring on the Hawaii feeling with your flats. Summer brings you sweat and irritation. With heels being not so comfortable to handle, you don’t want your mood to turn off. Summer being the vacation season, the more you got to walk the more painful the heel gets. So flats and wedges can be your best friends this summer. How could we forget the sneakers? Bring on your sporty style by pairing your clothes with printed or plain white sneakers and look stylish like never before.

2. Choose your fabrics right.
Choose your fabrics right.

Clothes that are made from poly-blends that simply aren’t breathable aren’t the ones you can choose for summer as they will often hold on to sweat stains. To be the best in summer choose fabrics made out of cotton as they are super-duper comfortable and trendy too. You can go for options like linen too as better than cotton which makes it the most breathable fabric out there.

3. Accessorize your plains
Accessorize your plains

You can wear a simple plain white cotton shirt or simple kurtas and throw on some neck piece to make it look trendy. For kurti’s you can invest in some pretty jhumkas and give your simple outfit a pretty look.

4. Looser the better
Looser the better

The lesser your fabric touching your body, the more cooler and comfortable you will be. Say yes to maxi dresses and loose t-shirts as they can make you look fashionable and also comfortable at the same time.

5. Say no to Re-wear and yes to wash
Say no to Re-wear and yes to wash

Winters can be the best for re-wearing your clothes without washing them for twice or thrice. But summer makes your body sweaty and gives your body a bad odor and is not the best time to re-wear them. Wash your clothes as not doing so may turn them less breathable.

6. Scarfs and hats
Scarfs and hats

Who told that scarfs and hats are for winter? They give you shade in summer. Have them handy in your backpack. They can help you escape the heat and stay protected

7. Stick to light colors
Stick to light colors

Don’t we all get attracted to bright colors like red and black? But pastels can make you look ravishing too. Opt for light colors as they absorb less heat and makes you less sweaty. Also light colors help reflect light and make you feel cooler.

8. Ditch your Denims
ditch your denims

As leggings and denims are body fit and can make you feel sweaty, opt for culottes, palazzos and patialas this season and they can help you feel free and make you feel comfortable and nice.

9. Go of Sunnies
Go of Sunnies

Huge glasses are in trend this season. So what are you waiting for? Grab which ever suits your face and style it up with your outfit and hide the sun with your glares.

Now that you have got all the lessons to do your summer right, staying stylish, Cool and comfortable is the go to mantra this summer.