All of us look forward to the summer holidays. That morning sunshine, ice creams, no school. All this calls for an endless fun. But sometimes holidays can seem to stretch out and you can get bored with them. Here are few ways you can make summer fun with some wonderful hobbies.

1. Kick start a new blog
Kick start a new blog

Start a blog and write regarding something you love that you can share with others. You can use word processing sites like WordPress, or create an account on the social media site Tumblr, which allows anyone to create their own blog for free.

2. Learn a new language
Learn a new language

Enroll yourself and indulge in learning something new. This could be useful for your career or when you go abroad. This could be fun and if you speak only English then learning a new language can give you a new dimension.

3. Good reading
Good reading

If you’re not that person who’s hobby is reading then start and try finishing, at least one book, if not more. Reading can help you learn new things and also eventually that might end up being your hobby.

4. Learning a new instrument
Learning a new instrument

Which better season than summer where you have lot of free time to learn new things. What better than learning a new instruments like guitar, drums or piano?

5. Cooking / Baking
cooking and baking

Baking can bring so much joy. You can join either some cooking or baking classes or you always have YouTube to learn and try out new recipes.

6. Photography

If you own a professional camera then start understanding how it works or you can take up photography classes and learn the tricks. If you don’t own one it’s always fine to start with your mobile. You can click the scenic beauties or portraits and slowly improve yourself and get pro at photography.

7. Get a summer job
summer jobs

One of the best things you can do during the summer holiday to enhance your future career prospects is to get yourself a summer job. It can enhance your CV and develop your business and ‘people’ skills. You can also earn some extra pocket money and spend on something you like.

8. Travel

Travelling can help you get rid of all your stress and give you a new experience that you can add on to your life. Check for what kind of places you can visit and what falls under your budget. What are you waiting for? Go book your tickets right away.

9. Recreate your room
Recreate your room

Give your room an amazing makeover. Your room is one place where you will tend to spend a lot of time. Have a theme or you can always look on tumblr and get inspired. There are lot of DIYs that you can try out to renovate your room. You can add in some quirky furniture and give your room a new twist.

10. Sitcoms

Start a new series and watch them to pass time. What better than the TV show friends if you haven’t watched it already. Get your netflix membership and enjoy all the shows.