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Tata Cliq (or TATA CLiQ) is an Indian e-commerce website. ‘Sure thing’ is their slogan. Tata Cliq prides itself on ‘phygital’ marketing, which is a portmanteau of physical and digital. They wish to blend both the physical and digital elements to create a new customer experience. Users can order, collect, swap, or send back anytime and from anywhere, either through online or at brand partner’s stores.

The ‘Cliq’ in their rame is pronounced ‘click’, like customers click for new products on a website. Tata Cliq sells both fashion and tech products such as clothing, watches, footwear, electronics, apparel, and accessories, carrying clothing for both males and females. Their main target is the luxury, high-class audience.

As such, they have products from major companies such as Kent, Samsung, Voltas, LG, Havells, Philips, and more. Some branded products they sell in the fashion field come from Adidas, US Polo, Calvin Klein, and Armani, to name a few. They have products from both international and domestic brands.

About Tata Cliq

Tata Cliq has a relatively short history, only existing as of June 2016. The site marks Tata’s venture into the e-commerce scene. It is a subsidiary of Tata Unistore, a part of the Tata Group which is located in Mumbai. Ashutosh Pandey is the current CEO of Tata Cliq.

Tata Group owns 90% of Tata Unistore with Trent (Westside) controlling 10%. In 2016, Microsoft began its Microsoft Online Store on Tata Cliq and sold Microsoft tablets, PCs, smartphones, and software through the website.

Also in 2016, The mobile company Lava International launched the A82 and X46 smartphones on the Tata Cliq website exclusively, meaning Tata Cliq was the only place where people could buy the smartphone. The company hopes to expand into other categories such as jewellery, furniture, and home decor in the future.

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