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NetMeds Marketplace Limited is an Indian online pharmaceutical company focused on health and wellness. Netmeds sells both over the counter medicine as well as prescription drugs. The name is a short form for ‘internet medicines’. Their tagline is ‘India Ki Pharmacy’.

Through Netmeds, anyone can buy medicine and send it to any corner of the country. Along with medicines, Netmeds sells wellness products, vitamins, diet and fitness supplements, diabetic care, herbal products, pain relievers, baby and mother care products, beauty care products, and surgical supplies.

Netmeds carries products from Johnson & Johnson, Sun Pharma, Abbot, Dabur, and many other well-known health brands. Apart from these branded drugs, Netmeds offers generic drugs as a cheaper alternative.

About Netmeds

Netmeds was created to be the online platform of Dadha Pharmaceuticals. Which had been in existence for over 100 years. It was based in Chennai and was started in 1914. Now, it has gone digital.

Netmeds was founded by Pradheep Dadha in Pradeep Dadha is the CEO of the Pradeep Dadha Group of Companies. Last year (2016), they received the Unicorn Startup Award from NDTV and gained recognition as one of India’s top startups.

Buying medicine online saves time and money while removing the hassles of traffic, closed shops, lack of parking space, and other problems a person might face when driving to a pharmacy.

Netmeds offers quick and convenient online access to medicinal and health products with home delivery. They want to make sure even villages can purchase and avail the advantages of the latest remedies. People can search for their prescriptions on the website and even take a picture and upload it to the site and receive the appropriate medicine.

It have partnered with India Post for deliveries and assures its clients that they will deliver all products within 24 hours.

Netmeds Coupons

The best part of buying products online is that there are no hassles and no need to argue with shopkeepers. Activate all the discounts and price-cuts right here to assure that getting the product at the lowest cost. Here is a sample of some of the Netmeds coupons we have:

20% Off on All Medicines
10% Off on Prescription Drugs
20% off + Additional 5% cash-back on All Medicines
15% off on Purchases Of Medicines & Health Care Product
10% Discount on Non-Prescription Medicines
5% OFF + Additional 5% OFF on GNC Products

All our Netmeds coupons and promo codes are 100% authentic and genuine. Our staff checks and validates all the coupons every day, so you know they will work without a hitch. If you want to save on health products, look no further than Desi Promo Code. Your savings begin today!

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