Foodpanda is a global mobile food ordering and delivery company. ‘Making online food ordering fast and easy’ is the mantra of Foodpanda. Some of the brands they are partnered with are Papa John’s, Subway, Yo China, Pizza Hut, and McDonald’s. They hope to eliminate the frustration caused by talking on the phone or while not having a copy of the restaurant’s menu.You can get Foodpanda coupons at the bottom of this page or resume reading to know about Foodpanda.


Foodpanda Services

Customers can make an order from the app or through the website. Your search for the restaurant you want, browse menus to find the food you like and pay by credit card or cash on delivery. The orders are processed and sent to partnering restaurants. These restaurants then deliver the food and beverages to the customers.

Foodpanda sends the person an SMS to confirm their order and estimated time of delivery, making it easier to track orders. The service benefits both restaurants and Foodpanda as generates more customer orders for the company while taking a cut of the earnings.

Foodpanda has operations in major cities such as Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Mumbai, along with more than 100 other cities all over India and the world. They have an excess of 40,000 restaurants overall.

They want to make customers more connected to restaurants and achieve this through review sections where users can talk about the sales process, taste, delivery, and their overall impressions.

About Foodpanda

In the March of 2012, Lukas Nagel and Rico Wyder launched Foodpanda in Singapore. The Foodpanda headquarters are located in Berlin, Germany. They offer Indian, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, and American cuisine, among others.

By the end of the year of founding (2012), Foodpanda had already moved on to 16 other countries. By February 2014, they were performing services in 23 countries in Latin America, Asia, Eastern Europe, and Africa. In 2015, they partnered with Indian railways for travelers to buy meals.

They had a shaky start, facing a disconnect between themselves, the customer, and the restaurant itself. Some people also tried to trick the company into offering cash vouchers for free. Restaurants also tried to dupe the service by placing fake orders. Coupons and offers brought another dimension into the mix. Overall, Foodpanda was able to adapt to the environment and establish itself nicely.

In December 2016, the German company Delivery Hero acquired Foodpanda. Delivery Hero was actually one of the biggest competitors of Foodpanda.

The company does not carry the same name throughout the Earth. It is known as ‘Foodpanda’ in Asia and Eastern Europe, ‘Hellofood’ in the Middle East, ‘NetPincer’ in Hungary, ‘Delivery Club’ in Russia, ‘24h’ in the UAE, ‘Room Service’ in Malaysia and Singapore, etc.

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