Electronics nowadays keeps on changing due to the advent of new technologies, but the price of electronics also keeps growing which makes it difficult to purchase them in Brick and Mortar stores. In E-Commerce we have the freedom of browsing through many websites, compare the prices and make the decision to buy or not. In our day to day hectic life we don’t find the time to go and shop and with the increase in traffic we would rather like to enjoy the weekends at home. Added to this the latest technology from around the world is available online i.e. large varieties to choose from for these reasons E-Commerce has been growing at a fast pace. Some of the major websites for purchase of electronics in India are as given below.



Currently holding a market share of 37% in 2015, flipkart is a top e-commerce website in India. Flipkart is always known for its prices, which are very competitively placed compared to other players in the market. Added with that there is a lot of trust in the products received from flipkart due to the brand image that it has been able to build for itself over the years. Although you don’t find items such as graphic cards or motherboards, it still has a lot of electronic products to offer.


it depot

The It Depot is one of the top e-commerce site mainly for the computer user. It meets the hardware requirement of the people, as we all know it is really difficult to get components for the computer, that’s where this site steps in and takes the cake. All the products are categorized to the very last detail, giving the user freedom to choose from the huge variety it provides from components to even mobile phones and storage devices.


Amazon started as a book store but later grew into an e-commerce giant. Gaining market share each day by achieving economies of scale, amazon is a giant in America and is also growing at a fast pace in India. The prices offered by amazon are very low and due to the delivery and reliability, it is one of the top E-Commerce sites for electronics. Recently Moto has left Flipkart and chose to use Amazon as its exclusive partner for its Moto G4, this is bound to make sure that Amazon grows even bigger in India.



Infibeam is one of the first listed E-Commerce player in India and has been around for a long period. They are headquartered in Ahmedabad with offices in few states, it has been growing in terms of revenue. Infibeam declared a net profit of 186% as on March 2016 which makes it a popular website. This added with the product variety they offer makes Infibeam one of the top websites to purchase electronics in India.


E-bay is a popular website of American origin. Headquartered in San Jose, California, it is trying to make way into the Indian market using the low prices as an attraction to the customers. It also has a bargaining feature on selected products which the seller chooses to accept bids for. These aspects make e-bay one of the top e commerce websites to purchase electronics. Recently ebay India ecommerce operations was acquired by Flipkart.