With lot of smart phones making our lives much easier, we tend to depend on them for anything and everything. To safeguard and enhance your smart phones we bring you few of the accessories that might help you in anyway. These tiny accessories can make it easier for you. Go ahead and grab these before anyone else does.

1. Fan for the summer

Fan for the summer

Ever suffocated in summer so much that you thought you had a mini fan? Transform your phone in to a fan in no time. Plug these mini fans to your socket of the phone and voila, stay cool and sweat free even during the summer.


2. Minions all the way

Minions all the way

I’m not a fan of minions said no one ever! These minion earphones are the cutest thing ever made.


3. Travel case

Travel case

This pouch we would say is the essential case for travel purpose or storage purpose. You can keep your hard disk or chargers or any organizing stuff of gadgets and it would be organized and not messy. There are also less chances of misplacing things when you have them organized, so go ahead and buy this one to keep your accessories and gadgets safer.


4. Power bank

power bank

There are hardly any phones where the battery power lasts one whole day. It’s always better to carry a power bank along with you to recharge your phones irrespective of the chargers or charge slots. This can save you when you’re travelling or during power cuts.


5. Wire cable protector combo

cable protector

Charger cables tend to break super quick. This cute little combo pack along with the cable wire protector can help your charger cable last longer.


6. Mobile Stand

mobile stand

Mobile stands are so comfortable to watch almost anything on phone. Want to watch a movie or series with phone, this one makes it so easier.


7. Arm Band

arm band

For all those fitness freaks this arm band is just for you. You can listen to music and jog at the same time without worrying about the safety of your phone


8. Ear phones case

Ear phones case

We usually tend to misplace our earphones every day. They also get tangled up so easily. This case can be a savior for both the problems.


9. Pop socket

Pop socket

Pop sockets are seen almost everywhere. It gives a better grip to the phone and helps you in holding the phone comfortably while using it.


10. Selfie stick

selfie stick

Get better with the group pictures with a selfie stick. Own it if you already don’t have one.