B2B E-Commerce or Business to Business E-Commerce are websites which are dedicated to businesses, these sites are very useful irrespective of whether you have a small size business or medium or large. Companies use these kinds of sites to increase their efficiency and get the products desired for a very reasonable price by comparing them with other prices offered by sellers. These sites bring in a platform for buyers and sellers to interact freely and negotiate for the price which would be beneficial to both the buyer and the seller.

B2B e-commerce market is much larger and involves transactions which are much bigger than the B2C transactions, a statistic says that B2B market is 6 times larger than the B2C market as of 2016 and would continue to grow. The advantages of having a B2B e-commerce sites is that the evaluation of suppliers becomes easy along with knowing the complete product information and all these available in the best price range. From the suppliers point of view it is beneficial as well as they have a complete market visibility, one mail about upcoming offers can be sent across many buyers i.e. ease of communication and are more easily accessible by the buyers which makes it more successful. Some of the B2B E-Commerce websites in India are discussed below.


india mart

It is an Indian based B2B market place for small and medium size businesses. Indiamart provides B2B, B2C and C2C services. It is the largest B2B platform in India and second in the world. Founded by Dinesh Agarwal in the year 1996, it offers a wide range of products for businesses to make use of and having about more than 65 offices in the country, it aims at making business easy. It has about 2.6 crores of buyers handling 3.3 crore products from 22 suppliers. All these and make Indiamart one of the top B2B E-Commerce websites in India.



Alibaba is a website launched in 1999, founded by Jack Ma, it is a popular website which brings you a wide variety of products ranging from Apparels to Agricultural products. It provides B2B and B2C services. Alibaba has 40 plus categories in 190 plus countries making it the world’s biggest B2B website and second in India. Alibaba branches out to various other web portals for C2C transactions and has many affiliated entities making Alibaba a giant in terms of E-Commerce business and the number one B2B E-Commerce business in the world.


trade india

Tradeindia.com which was established in the year 1996, it offers online business directory and acts like yellow pages of B2B E-Commerce. It offers around 3000 plus categories of products with 36 lakh registered users Tradeindia.com is one of the top B2B E-Commerce websites in India.


eindia buisness

Eindiabusiness.com is a website extensively used in India with 94.1% of its users coming from India, it provides 6 lakh Global manufacturers and suppliers making it one of the top B2B sites in India.


go 4 world buisness

Operating since 1997, this website has been able to provide businesses with the necessary things needed to expand. Located in New Delhi, it provides a variety of products, under many categories from around the world making it one of the top B2B ecommerce websites.