If you are that fun person who expects more than just nice food on the plate in a restaurant, you will not be disappointed with these restaurants. What more joy can food bring when it comes with eating at a decorated place.

1. Chokhi Dhani

choki dhani

It would not be an overstatement to say that Chokhi Dhani at Tandalam is a mini Rajasthan of Chennai. Sprawling over 15 acres of land, this is a place which conveys the vibrant Rajasthani heritage that leaves you awestruck with all the age old culture and tradition. A boon for vegetarians, Chokhi Dhani offers a variety of attractions such as Mehendi sittings, magic shows, dance shows, music shows, acrobatics on a bamboo, puppet show, camel rides and many more. The seating arrangement and the decor of the themed restaurant of Sangria will make you feel that you are not in Chennai anymore, in no time! Perhaps, the best and authentic Rajasthani food you can get in the city is right here in Chokhi Dhani.

2. Kaidi Kitchen

kaidi kitchen

One among the most popular themed restaurants of South India, Kaidi Kitchen in Mylapore, Chennai is not about dining but the place offers a singular never seen before ambiance and experience that are to be basked, in a delightful manner. This place is all about sumptuous jail cells, upbeat prisoners, waiters who were prison inmates and a tempting aroma that wafts through the air Kaidi Kitchen is a nice little (twisted) place for people who love food and fun with friends and family and of course for people who love to indulge in food fantasies! All in all, Kaidi Kitchen is a good pick for vegetarians who look for a variety of vegetarian cuisines as this restaurant specializing in Italian, Mexican, Thai, Chinese, Lebanese and North Indian cuisine.

3. Superstar Pizza

super star pizza

It is a restaurant that is dedicated to a movie star, come to Chennai! One of the most unique themed restaurants in the city of Chennai, Superstar Pizza at Dr. M.G.R Salai, is a dedication to the south Indian demigod Superstar Rajinikanth. Just like the man himself, the restaurant is known for its humble service yet the place will take you off your feet with its large variety of eatables. With their walls adorned with rare and popular pictures of ‘Thalaivar’ Superstar Rajinikanth, they went for an extra mile and named their pizzas matching with the movies of Superstar Rajinikanth! Go for it if you want to celebrate the man who is almost looked at as a god and relish those fresh and crunchy pizzas that come with yummy toppings.

4. Rainforest Restaurant (Animal Kingdom)

rain forest

Boasting itself as India’s first themed restaurant, Rainforest Restaurant at Adyar is a brilliantly designed restaurant that takes you deep into a typical rainforest while you enjoy your meal! An authentic, but mini rainforest is found inside, including waterfalls, mist, flora and the insects and animals, of course, they are just robots! What makes this place even more special is that the lightning and thunder effects which is nothing short of a surprise-strike for the visitors, especially to kids. The eating place specializes in South Indian, North Indian, Thai, Continental and Chinese cuisine. Go to the affordable buffet and enjoy your meal amidst a typical rainforest.

5. Vault Bar Stock Exchange

vault bar

The Vault Bar Stock Exchange at Tnagar is a place that has the stock exchange as the theme. The more the demand for a drink, the more you have to pay for it. The founders of Vault Bar are also founders of Illusions- The Madras Pub. The cafe is open from 12 noon to 12 in the midnight and serves continental, Mexican and Italian cuisine. Famous for- Continental, Italian and Mexican.