This is one of the common debates between those that take whey protein shake with milk and those who prefer water because a bunch of good reasons…

Milk Whey Protein Shake

Milk Whey Protein Shake

You should consider this solution if you’re trying to gain weight and don’t care too much about calories. If you are a hard gainer, a skinny guy that needs to put on some weight, then you can go ahead with milk.

A cup of milk can add some more proteins and almost 200 calories that can be useful to your purpose of gaining weight.

But also remember that your body can absorb only a certain amount of protein at once, and if you exceed that amount then your body will just waste it and get rid of it with some…let’s say…side effects.

When you take whey protein shake with milk the proteins are absorbed slowly, so it could be a good solution in the morning. But if you take protein supplement after workout you need fast absorption, so water is preferable.

There is something more that I can tell you based on my experience with different brands: some powders mix very easily, others don’t.

If your powder doesn’t mix very well you should take it with water because it mixes very much easily than with milk.

It is gross to drink your whey protein shake when it doesn’t mix up well and it’s full of small chunks of powder!!

Water Whey Protein Shake

Water Whey Protein Shake

This is the best solution for fast release and absorption, especially for post workout supplements when your body needs immediate proteins to repair the damaged muscle fibers that you broke down during workout.

Protein powder mixes much more easily with water due to the lower density of the liquid, obviously.

One of the most common reasons why people don’t like to take whey protein shakes with water is the taste. I don’t like it, there’s nothing I can do about it.

With milk it’s a whole different story. But here, with water you are certainly taking in fast and lean protein only, and the best kind.

Plus, you don’t have the classic side effects that come with milk whey protein shakes.