When you are as rich as Ambani, you would definitely try the most delicious food all over the world and so here are some of the most extravagant and exorbitantly priced food. You have to try it because only if you are as rich as Ambani you can even afford to think of it.



Ever wondered how much could a simple breakfast cost you? Well the breakfast at west end at tiffany choses to bill you for $37,600. This most expensive breakfast was introduced at the opening of Tiffany and the price was $37,600. It offers a very rich and luxurious breakfast where the offered is a croissant that is covered with gold and jewels, which are all edible. Along with this you have Bar le Duc hand-seeded redcurrant jam, Kopi Luwak coffee with some Champagne and cocktail where the bottle presented is embedded with pearls and diamond. Well isn’t that luxurious enough to have your wallets go empty but when you are rich it is just something that you can have as breakfast and then head out to start the day.



After the luxurious breakfast, I would take my private jet and head out to have my lunch at yet another extravagantly priced venue which would be the Sublimotion, Ibiza, Spain. This was opened by Michelin-starred chef Paco Roncero in 2014 which is located in Hard Rock Hotel in Ibiza. The food there costs an exorbitant amount of €1700 (or a little more than $1,800) per person just to dine there. The dining can accommodate about 12 people and there it is not called a seating but a show as they give a feast not only for the mouth but for all the other senses. They combine food with art and technology and a meal takes about three hours with approximately 15-20 course to taste with the help of 25 professionals. The tables and walls of this room are futuristically designed to work as screens which rotate the scene and ensure a swirl of food, tech and art to make a unique experience of having food. If this isn’t something that you would love to see then you are not spending your money right. Since only the rich can afford such an extravaganza which they at Sublimotion term as emotional experience, I would definitely go for this when I am as rich as Ambani.



The day is complete only when you have a nice dinner in a place where you can relax at the same time enjoy the food and the view which can be obtained at the Plaza Athénéé, Paris. Paris the city of romance has a restaurant which has chandeliers which comprises of 10,000 glimmering crystals. This is a restaurant of esteemed chef Alain Ducasse and in this the dining room itself is a work of art. This restaurant was established in 1913 and has been frequently visited by royalty, celebrities and politicians. With the prices that high no wonder it was visited only by the rich, seated in diners which are shells made of stainless steel, it mainly has food that is very healthy and environment friendly. This makes the food perfect to maintain our health and also fulfils our desire to have a lavish dinner.

Dessert (Finishing Touch):


No matter what food you have it is incomplete without a dessert and when it comes to dessert chocolate is something many of us cannot say no to, even if you are on a diet. That is how tempting chocolate can be and here is a chocolate Pudding that is given at Lindeth Howe Country House Hotel, England which is made of the best quality chocolate. The Chocolate pudding is molded into the shape of Fabergé egg and served with layer upon layer of champagne jelly which is topped with a gold leaf all of this is again topped with a diamond, all of it is edible. This is mouthwatering enough to even cheat on your diet and have it, this extravaganza costs you around $35,000. It does payoff to be rich and if you don’t try these then you definitely are missing out on life as “There is no love sincerer than the love of food”.