Wrap tops are a timeless classic and will always be one as it is one of the easiest way to fake an hourglass shape. These kinds of tops have a crossover-style design which slims your mid-section and gives an illusion of a flatter and defined stomach. In case you were planning on accentuating your waist then it is best to go for a plunging neckline that ties at the side and would give the best hourglass look.

Since there are many shapes and sizes there are different ways to style them such as:

Office Wear:

Wrap tops Office Wear

In case you were planning on wearing one to the office then it is a perfect choice as they can look stylish and modest at the same time. When going for different colors you could try for dark, sober colors and match them with pants in order to get an appropriate and wonderful look for work.

Casual Wear:

wrap top casual wear

Wrap tops can also be worn as a casual wear for daily basis or even small outdoor events. They look goof when paired with shorts or a skirt as when they are paired in this manner they would give a fun look which is perfect for occasions such as picnics.

Evening Wear:

wrap top evening dress

Wrap tops are not only for formal wear they are also well suited for evening wear, you just need to pick the right colors and accessories. Some of the ways in which you could style them are pairing a wrap top with long skirt and heels which would create a wonderful look which is very chic and is best suited for an evening wear.

Maternity Wear:

wrap tops maternity wear

Wrap tops are so versatile that they can also be used as maternity wear and it would be very stylish. A pregnant woman can hide her growing waistline until it is unavoidable with the wrap top and when needed you could always loosen the ties to be comfortable.

There are many benefits of having a wrap top and some of them are:

Belly Bulge:

belly bulge

Wrap top is a perfect way to hide extra weight around the midsection as with this top the wrap-around design trims the waistline and gives an illusion of a slimmer belly. Thus you could use wrap top to hide a few inches of belly fat and at the same time you could also make them less noticeable by having a wrap top that has diagonal lines that run from the neck to the sides. You could also loosen the wrap’s knots a little so that the dress is less form fitting and less conspicuous in order to hide some of your tummy.



If you have a straight edge body you could go for wrap tops that add on curves, this is done by choosing a crossover neckline. The wrap-around style would add some form fitting curves in the right places.



This is one of the top benefits of wrap tops where you could choose if you would want the top to be hanging loosely, so that you can give a slimmer look or you want a more form fitting look. They can satisfy both types and hence making them very adjustable.