Tunic Dress is a type of dress which is long and resembles a shirt. It is a very comfortable and is the perfect attire for every woman, making it a must have for every woman. Tunics look great on every body shape and there are many options to choose them from but based on the body shape there are certain things that are to be considered while going for a Tunic dress such as

Straight shape:

straight shape

If you have a straight body shape then it is better to go for dresses which have embellishments such as beads, studs etc. It is also advisable to go for more embellishments around the bust and hips or even some pattern or design as they would help in adding some depth to your body thereby giving an illusion of curves. The basic idea is to make sure that the tunic dress that you choose gives an illusion of curves to your body.

Hourglass shape:

hourglass shape

If you have an hourglass shape then you have the perfect shape and you would want to show off them instead of trying to go for tops that try to hide them. It would be advisable to go for necklines which are not round such as either a V-shaped or Scoop Neckline. Try to avoid fabrics which are thick as they would hide your curves and make sure that the embellishments or patterns that are in your dress are mostly towards the neckline.

Full Hips and Thighs:

full hips and thighs

If you have full hips and thighs then it would be better to try out dresses that offer a bit more volume or have some interesting details up top which would help in evening out the proportions of the lower body. Keep in mind that it would be better if the tunic has a shirt tail or a hemline that is asymmetrical. As this would ensure that a straight hemline is not cutting across the widest part of the thighs thereby drawing attention to the flattering designs of the tunic and in the process accentuates the woman’s most attractive features. If you want to choose from the various patterns available for the tunic top it is advisable to go for geometric patterns as the shapes and designs would draw attention away from the other parts of the body.



When going for accessories, you can go for necklaces or even pendants that would be the perfect ones for accentuating the neckline. You could also go for Belts, handbags or purses to match along with your attire to give the complete look. When going for footwear you could go for sandals or flats if you are going for a casual look. All you need to keep in mind while selecting the footwear is that the only type of footwear that doesn’t go with this attire is athletic shoes.