Dungaree dresses are the perfect dresses if you want to show off your carefree attitude and life. This is a dress that would make you look cute and not only do they come in skirts but there are also dresses which come in a pant style. There are certain things that are to be kept in mind when going for Dungaree dresses such as body shape and based on the body shape you can go for these dresses as follows.

Since it is suited for many body types it is loved by everyone but there are certain body shapes who should definitely go for this dress as it would add extra glamour to you. Some of these body shapes are apple shape, pear shape, hourglass and if you have heavy hips. In case you have an apple shape then this dress adds some volume to your lower body and would balance out your body. This dress also emphasizes and brings out your curves thereby gives an illusion of slimmer waist and so it is the perfect dress for pear shaped body. As most of the features of this dress goes to give an illusion of an hourglass shape, this dress is also suitable for an hourglass body as it would give an illusion of a taller body.



You also need to consider the color of the dress as it is important and is based on the occasion. If you are planning on an evening wear then you could go for dark and solid colors. If you are planning for a more casual event then you could go for prints. If you are planning for more of a dress that is suitable for many occasions then you could try neutral colors like brown and grey.



When going for accessories it is important to choose the right one, you could experiment the dungaree dress with accessories such as bracelets, head wear or a handbag. The most important thing to be kept in mind while choosing the accessories is that the colors should be in contrast in order to create an impression.

When going for the footwear the most popular pair are high heeled shoes and boots, with a stiletto heel which looks amazing and suits perfectly for an evening wear. If you want to project confidence with your attire then Boots with a stiletto heel along with a dungaree dress would tell the world that you are very confident at the same time are comfortable with the way you looks. In case you would like to have the dress as a morning wear then you could go for flat shoes which matches with the dress in color or theme or you could also go for sandals which would be perfect in warm weather conditions. When going for Dungaree dress you could go for high heeled boots for an evening out as this look adds to the chic factor in you.