Fringe detail dresses are a fun dress that has fringe detailing on the dress making it the perfect fit for looking badass and chic. Although they might be a little expensive compared to other types of attires its beauty due to the multiple fringes makes it a wonderful attire to bring out a beautiful aura. They are available in many colors and styles but they are not suitable for everyone and cannot be worn for all occasions as they are restricted to most parties. These dresses are to be chosen based on your body type and based on your body type their tips that would make you look good such as:

Pear Shape:

pear shaped

If you have a pear shape then the major objective is to minimize the hips and add some volume to the upper body. For this, you need to go for boat neck dresses, square necklines, and cowl necklines as these help in drawing the attention to the neck and arms. You could also go for A-line dresses as they help in minimizing the wide hips. The thing to be noted is that strapless dresses are best suited for pear shaped women.

Inverted Triangle Shape:

inverted triangle shaped

If you have an inverted triangle shape then you need a dress that draws more attention towards the hips and for this, you could try high waist styles as they make the waist and hips seem to look bigger. This when combined with full skirts and bright colors at the bottom would look the best. It is best to stay away from spaghetti straps as they draw more attention to the shoulders which is something that we don’t want.

Rectangle Shape

rectangle shaped

If you have a rectangle body shape then you need to create curves and this could be done with the help of scoop necks and sweetheart-necked dresses. These are options that help in balancing your similarly sized shoulders, waists, and hips to give a wonderful look.

Apple Shape:

apple shaped

If you have an apple shape then you would look for something that would balance out your wide shoulders, chests, and waists, and narrow hips. In order to do that you could go for V-neck styles as they have the effect of elongating the torso. In order to give an illusion of long torso and wide hips you could go for solid colors rather than prints.

Hourglass Shape:

hourglass shape

If you have an hourglass shape then you are definitely blessed with figures that have balanced proportions but even then it is important for you to be on the lookout for a dress that helps in bringing out the best in you. You need something that is not very tight at the same time the dress should not be too baggy. For these some of the options available are Wrap dresses, A-line dresses as they look very flattering, you could also go for high waist styles.