1. Plain white tee shirt

Plain white tee shirt
It needs to fit well, sheer is bad, sleeves should have triceps exposure. Wear with bathing suit, shorts, jeans, and chinos.

2. High quality polo shirt

High quality polo shirt
It should be nicer and should be made of softer fabric. Suits well with shorts, jeans, tucked in or out, and business casual.

3. Short sleeve button-up shirt

Short sleeve button-up shirt
keep it simple & clean as possible and not super long beyond your waist. Wear tucked and untucked.

4. Henley

It looks masculine, versatile, and great in the cooler months. Wear with jeans and boots or sneakers.

5. Long sleeve button-up shirt

Long sleeve button-up shirt
It give you a playful and cool look, make sure its tailored perfect. Wear as casuals, tucked in or out, with loafers or boots.

6. White tailored dress shirt

White tailored dress shirt
Most versatile of all shirts and it looks incredible on every guy. It’s crisp and clean, suits well with traditional Indian dhothi. Another option is ‘business blue’ for the professionals. It works with gray, charcoal, brown, blue, and black. Tuck into jeans, khakis, or chinos for casual cool looks