The draped skirt has overlapping panels where one resembles the tulip skirt whereas the other panel has is draped at the waist. This skirt gives an extremely slim look and thus is a very popular skirt. But this skirt is not suitable for everyone especially curvy women or plus sized women and it is advisable for apple shaped women to stay away from draped skirt. Here are some tips that would help you in selecting the right kind of skirt.

Hourglass Shape:

hourglass shaped

If you have an hourglass shape then you are definitely blessed with figures that have balanced proportions but even then it is important for you to be on the lookout for a skirt that helps in bringing out the best in you. You need something that is not very tight at the same time the skirt should not be too baggy i.e. the drape should not be too loose otherwise it would spoil the look.

Petite Shape:

petite shaped

If you have a petite figure then this is the perfect skirt for you. This skirt gives the illusion of having curves all you have to do is select the right kind of skirt. One suggestion would be to go for skirts that start from the waist and end above the knees.

Slim Woman:

slim women

If you have a very slim body then this is the best skirt for you as the draped skirt adds volume to the bottom half of your body, thereby making it the perfect dress to cover for you. You can try experimenting by combining the draped skirt with a lace top or a blazer to get that chic look. Even if you have a slim body you could still go for this skirt without having to bother about having little curves all you have to do is choose a thick fabric material and always try to go for bright colors or neutral colors as they would look good on you.


colour draped skirt

You also need to consider the color of the skirt as it is important and is based on the occasion. If you are planning on an evening wear then you could go for dark and solid colors. If you are planning for a more casual event then you could go for prints. If you are planning for more of a skirt that is suitable for many occasions then you could try neutral colors like brown and grey.



It is better suited for you to go for heels when choosing for the right footwear. The other types of footwear that you could try would be platform heels, wedges etc. It is always better if you choose the footwear color in such a way that it matches your clutch. Keep in mind that if you try for too many colors or many accessories it would make you look unappealing and very sloppy so try to keep it minimal and yet elegant.