Types of Male Jewelry


A functional piece of jewelry, watches are versatile and acceptable to wear in all events and occassions except black tie events. In general the simpler the watch, the classier it is. A plain black leather strap and simple silver timepiece with Roman numerals is versatile and classic. Metal watches are fine for suits and sport jackets, while cloth bands and plastic watches should be reserved for casual wear.

Blazer Buttons

Blazer Buttons

When you buy a blazer it normally comes with simple brass buttons. You have the option to replace them to gold or silver buttons. Blazer jacket is clearly distinguished by the ornamentation of the buttons.

Cufflinks & shirt studs


Cufflinks and shirt studs are jewellery pieces that hold the cuffs and front of a dress shirt in place, normally where buttons would have been. Shirt studs are most commonly associated with black tie looks, while cufflinks only require French or double cuffs. Metallic cufflinks are the most formal, while any cufflink using a novelty design is more for fun around the office. Silk knots are a alternative to metals, and are a favourite with younger men.

Tie accents

Tie accents

a tie accent makes sure of keeping your tie in place. This is done with a tie pin, a tie bar, or a tie chain. Tie bars are simple metals that clip onto the tie horizontally and hold it in place using the shirt as the anchor. Tie chains serve the same purpose as the tie clip but remain unseen, while the tie tack accent is best avoided as it sticks a pin through the tie.



Rings come in a wide range of forms: class rings, fraternal rings, championship rings, and decorative rings. Class and fraternal rings are in most cases acceptable, while championship rings are best left for celebrations with old teammates.

Lapel pins

lapel pins

They can be ornamental, collectable, or reveal a group affiliation. Lapel pins display your interests, passions.Nowadays pin designs come in all shapes, colors, and meanings.

Belt Buckles

Belt Buckles

In the American hstory,belt buckles are handed out to rodeo and other contest winners. Later it became popular among youths, due to their bold looks. The rules on wearing a belt buckle are this: if it’s a prize buckle, you or an ancestor should have won it. Otherwise leave them on the shelf. As for western buckles in general–wear them if they fit your personality and meet your needs.



Decorative, functional, cause-related, and medical alert. Men of royalty have worn ornamental bracelets for thousands of years, but more common today are cause-related bracelets such as Livestrong, functional ones such as parachute cord bracelets, or medical tracker bracelets with a man’s vitals to track his fitness.I personally feel a man should be very careful with decorative bracelets; cause bracelets can also ruin your looks.



Decorative, functional, medical, or religious. As I wear dog tags as my personal favourite. I know other men who love their gold chains, and wear them 24/7. Necklaces are an easy piece of jewelry to wear because they can be hidden under the clothing. They create a feeling of curiosity and can thus be a great conversation starter. As for length and number to be worn less is good. Two is about the most I recommend.



The most accepted piercing for men. They have gained interest among youngsters, yet still hated by many parents and society.