The Oxford


This type of shoe has been around for many years. The oxford style began in Europe, but became popular worldwide. Walking down the street you’ll see many men sporting this classic style. Oxfords are true to their versatile nature, and are definitely one of the best shoes for men. This style is sure to make you stand a class apart.

High End Sneaker

high end sneaker

The high-end sneaker is a new addition to the shoe style every man should own. The sneaker is one of the most stylish pieces in a man’s wardrobe. Depending on your personal style, you can rock on many occasions. A pair of leather, suede, or canvas shoes will pair well with chinos and a charcoal shirt, or a summer suit.



There’s no other shoe that screams “cool” as well as this one. If you categorize yourself as peppy, loafers should have a place in your closet. They go great with the ankle-baring pants you wear once it’s hot outside. Plus, they look great with a nice pair of shorts either.



The work boot is perfect for the fall and winter months, because of its durability and flair. Picking the right style of boot depends on the wearer’s lifestyle and personal preference. A work boot shows what dressing for the weather means, and how to do it with style.

The Leather Lace-Up Boot

The Leather Lace-Up Boot

For something great that offers particularly good value for money spent, we’d go for a pair of rugged leather lace-up boots, ideally with rubber soles for resilience and to keep you sure-footed during inclement weather. A style like this will pair with a jeans and a T-shirt.