For all those women who want to add some extra inches to their height, wedges are one of the ways to help you do that. Talking about stilettoes, they are not so comfortable and the pain you take it is just not bearable if you having to do a lot of walking or have a whole day to go ahead with. Wedges are comfortable and easy to pair it up as well. Here we bring you some of the best-picked wedges for the day outings or night parties. Have a look at it and we’re sure you wouldn’t be disappointed.

1. Edgy black

edgy black

This classy black wedges can be paired up with almost any outfit. The crisscross straps are so on point, and for the price that we got this one is beyond imagination.


2. All day long

all day long

Looking for a daily wear, this one’s best in the market. It’s super comfortable and at the same time lifts you up as well.


3. Tan brown

tan brown

Tan brown wedges are so in trend and this one’s a classic piece you wouldn’t want to miss out on.


4. Cake walk

cake walk

We love the right tinge of blue and brown and the tie up pattern of the sandals is done so right, it’s definitely worth investing upon.


5. Winter’s coming

winter is coming

Boots are everyone’s favorite. You can pair them with jeans or a dress and you’re good to go.


6. Strappy strap

strappy strap

We love this golden pair of wedges and had to be one of our favorites on the list. This one doesn’t make a whole in the pocket and at the same time looks classy as well.


7. Pastel yet?

pastel yet

Can we all take a moment to appreciate this beautiful piece of wedges right here. We love the color and almost everything about this shoe.


8. Minimalistic


This one’s simple yet so classy. You can pair this up with kurtas or jeans and you’re good to go.


9. Boho touch

boho touch

For all those looking for wedges for your Indian outfits, this one is the right pair for you. We just love the beads detailing on the sandal. You can carry it off with western outfits as well. So go ahead and play around with your shoes.


10. Pink got me like

Pink got me like

This shoe wedge can be paired up with any outfit. Let it be denims, dress or formals, they almost go with anything.