These are dresses which have a string or belt at the waist and thus it makes the body look baggy. This is the perfect dress for a night party and would suit best for women who have an hourglass or a triangle shaped body. They are bound to be the eye catcher at any occasion. These have been in the world of fashion for a really long time, but they were not as versatile as they are today. They provide attractive contours and unique silhouettes as they are sleek, minimal and well structured. Blouson dresses are growing in popularity as they are very comfortable, are lightweight making them easy to carry.

Here are certain tips that would help you while choosing the right fit for you:



When choosing a blouson dress it is important to go for the right amount of scooping to the neckline. If you want to remain elegant at the same time want to look casual then it is recommended to go for boat necks. But do keep in mind that if the scooping is too large for your neckline then it would seem like the top is falling off.



As blouson dresses are available in a wide variety of colors and designs it becomes difficult to choose the right one but as always a black or white blouson dress is the safest option as it is not only suited for many occasions but also they add to your glamour giving you a sensuous look. Not only that these two colors are the only options, you could also experiment with interesting patterns and bold colors as they spice up a blouson dress for a night out with friends.



When going for accessories such as bags, it is best to go for clutches. This is the kind of bag that has very little space and is ideally taken only for parties where it holds nothing more than a wallet and lipstick. This is chosen for parties where you don’t need to carry much and want to look in the most glamorous way. Party clutches come in a variety of color to suit your wardrobe so you could try and experiment with the different colors available. You can also go for shades, midi rings and bracelets. It is important to choose the right one but it is important to go for few accessories as too many accessories would make you look overdressed.

It is better suited for you to go for heels when choosing for the right footwear. The other types of footwear that you could try would be platform heels, wedges etc. It is always better if you choose the footwear color in such a way that it matches your clutch. Keep in mind that if you try for too many colors or many accessories it would make you look unappealing and very sloppy so try to keep it minimal and yet elegant.