Nowadays Asymmetrical dresses have become a very popular fashion choice as they are very comfortable and at the same time they make you look gorgeous. They have flooded the market due to their design which helps you show off your legs but at the same time it helps you hide their back. They are available in various colors and designs, although more famous for simple color with no patterns with the modern times there are different patterns and designs also available such as floral print.

There are different ways to style them and based on your body shape you can choose them as follows:

Hourglass shape:

hourglass shaped

If you have an hourglass shape then you need an Asymmetrical dress that enhances the waist and gives a form fitting cut giving a balanced look. Do stay away from heavy fabrics such as tweed and brocade as they don’t shape easily to the contours of the body also try to avoid high necklines as they usually don’t usually suit women with an hourglass shape.

Straight Shape:

Straight Shape

If you have a straight shape then you need to go for a dress which has built in curves such as dresses that have a fitted body with darts and seaming throughout the torso as they would help in creating a well-defined and feminine silhouette. Try to stay away from thin, elasticized waistbands as they add thickness to the middle and make the body look straighter.

Full Hips and Thighs:

full thighs

If you have full hips and thighs then it would be better to try out dresses that offer a bit more volume or have some interesting details up top which would help in evening out the proportions of the lower body. You could also go for fabrics that stretch or have some softness such as rayon, silk, and cotton blends. When trying to match them do keep in mind that a straight cut skirt would be better to suited and would look well as they accommodate the hips giving you a very good look. Do try to stay away from pegged cuts as they usually make hips and thighs look larger. Also stay away from wrist-length sleeves as they line up with the hips and draw attention to that area.

Large shape or with a Tummy:

with tummy

If you have a tummy or are on the heavy side then you need to go for dresses that visually flattens the stomach and creates a more defined waist look this can be achieved with the help of patterned fabric. As when you wear a patterned dress it would distract and divert the attention from one specific area. But it is important that you avoid lightweight or slinky fabrics as they will usually cling to the middle and would spoil your look by drawing attention to the area you wanted to hide.