The days when you were sleepy during a ride are gone. Now you can sit, relax and enjoy the city and the streets in comfort. Yes, we are referring to the cab rides.

Cab services have made our journey more enjoyable and stress free. Every time we hire a cab, we have a sense of free time that is completely for ourselves, as we need not focus on the traffic or on other vehicles anymore. Increase in population and the level of economic activity has resulted in high demand for cab services in the city.

To tackle this situation, cab companies are investing and providing more cabs for the public. They are operated by pre-booking using smartphones for pickup, track and drop people. Cab service providers are also using travel coupons to attract customers when they take a ride. Two such popular cab providers are Uber and Ola.

Ola and Uber



Ola and Uber have changed the taxi industry and have improved the expectations of transportation such as timing, comfort, reliability, safety and employment too. Both companies are great in their own right. They both feature in our Top 3 Travel Sites for Coupons and Promo Codes.

Customers who have signed up in the Ola or Uber website or mobile app will automatically receive coupons and updates on their mobile phones. More opportunities and discounts are given to the new users than the existing users.

As part of marketing, these companies offer free first rides, 50% discounts, etc. to woo customers who book for the first time on their websites. They have these coupons on their website along with coupon sites such as DesiPromoCode.

Providing discounts and offers is a way to build customer loyalty, as it is considered as a great tactic to make them a lifetime customer.  Even existing customers are given limited coupons as part of the promotions.

Uber as well Ola allow the passengers to sign up and locate the nearest cab drivers to request their services in a more efficient way. The Uber and Ola apps consist of specialized services with the purpose to serve their customers better and create a positive customer relationship.

To make the journey safe and comfortable for customers, information of the cab drivers are registered on the app in cab drivers section and the necessary information about the drivers are listed when customers take the services.

To make the daily travel comfortable and as a way of showing appreciation to the customers who have remained trustworthy, number of coupon codes are given to customers through email or website to show the gratitude of their continued support for the brand.

Battle for Dominance


Ola and Uber are battling to provide a sustainable and a profitable service to their customers by introducing festival offers, cashless rides, Wi-Fi, membership programs and a lot more. They offer deals to keep their customers happy and have a proactive technology department to do all the research and development work for the company.

They try to reach every nook and corner of the city by using advanced technology and serve their users better. As a marketing strategy, they let us to share the coupons through social media sites like Twitter, Pinterest, etc. It’s basically like refer and share, where a person who shares the code as well the other person who uses the code to take a ride, gets mutually benefitted.

As there is a heavy competition between Ola and Uber to attract and delight every customer visiting their website, the services are getting better every day. This one is fairly clear, because the whole purpose of the clash is to provide outstanding customer service and a good travel experience.

Coupons provided by Ola and Uber have a wide range of discounts not only in cab services but can also be used for purchasing groceries, booking movie tickets, concerts and more. The number of features newly added to Uber and Ola app makes it a favourite for every user.

Credits and balance can be checked through apps to make instant payments. On every wallet recharge, cash backs and food vouchers are offered to customers. These offers are valid only once or within a specific period of time per user.

Impact on the Taxi Industry


Let’s discuss the clash of the cabs and the impact on the taxi industry.

1) Self-employed drivers are found to earn more money than the traditional taxi services because the app allows them to better organize their time.

2)  Customers are allowed to choose the type of cab – from a car to a SUV

3) They match the drivers/cars with the customers looking for a ride based on the location and convenience.

4) Easily track the car before and during the ride.

5) To make regular travel experience seamless, instant payment options such as Ola money and Uber wallet are offered to the users. They allow us to travel cashless by paying through the app using our debit/credit cards. Also, it is the best for easy payment with a secured transaction.

6) They provide a safe and comfortable journey.

7) Money transactions, refunds for cancellation on cab rides are safer and easier in both Ola and Uber.

8) Couponing helps to save a huge amount of customer’s money while traveling.

9) 24/7 dedicated service with trained and background verified cab drivers.

Uber and Ola Coupons from DesiPromoCode


Are you a fan of Uber? Or do you prefer Ola? It doesn’t matter because lucky for you, we have enough to please fans of both companies.

Here is what you should do when applying for a coupon code:

  • While choosing the payment option in the menu, select coupon code.
  • Apply the required coupon code by just copy pasting from the website or email
  • Eligibility and validity of the coupon code are checked by the website before the discount is applied on the fare for the current trip.
  • Using the website or app, check the receipt to view the discounted amount from the current fare. Even free rides can be applied at the travel using these coupon codes

It’s as simple as that! Now, check out DesiPromoCode for latest Ola coupons as well as our Uber coupons. Have a safe trip!