In this article, we’re going to talk about the different types of online coupons. We have already distinguished between online and offline coupons before. You can click here for a refresher on that.

Remember that these are common coupons so they may already be known to you. However, one or two could be surprising. Without further ado, here are the seven different kinds of coupons

1. Price Coupons

price coupons

These are the very popular coupon and also rather straightforward ones. This coupon will give you a discount off of the selling price. These are coupons and promo codes with Rs. 50 off or Rs. 20 Discount. Although a good coupon to use, check to see if the deduction is worth buying the product for. 20 rupees off a burger and 20 rupees off a television are not the same thing. If you feel that the amount decreased from the total cost is worth it, then go ahead.

2. BOGO Coupons

bogo coupons

BOGO stands for ‘Buy One Get One’. It is usually for when the second item is free and includes all the other variants such as buy one get one-half off, buy two get one, etc. You will see this commonly used in fashion stores, toy stores, and restaurants. This is probably because the company wants to get rid of the existing inventory and make way for the new one. Either way, you will benefit. Just be careful of the ones like ‘buy ten get one free’ as the gain may be negligible at that point.

3. Percentage Coupons

percentage coupons

This is one of the most common forms of coupon along with price and BOGO coupons. A certain percentage is deducted from the total product price. You should calculate the exact money you’ll save though. 20% off looks more appealing than Rs. 5 off, until you realise that the item itself if worth 10 rupees. Percentage coupons are somewhat the opposite of price coupons as they work better with higher priced items. Taking the same example as earlier, 20% off a television would be much more than 20% off a burger, since you’re saving a larger chunk. However, this does not mean that percentage coupons for cheaper items are worthless and that those for costlier items should be used as an excuse to buy the item.

Tip – Watch out for ‘one per purchase’ coupons. This prevents using two of the same coupon for a product. For example, you can’t use two ‘Rs. 30 Off (One per Purchase)’ coupons on a product worth 60 rupees to get the product for free. To use both coupons, buy two products and use a coupon for each. You’ll still end up saving half the amount.

4. Free or Reduced Shipping Coupons

free shipping code

Free shipping is something most people expect nowadays, whether they’re shopping online or at a store. This is mostly due to e-commerce sites and the ease of looking for another provider. You are already buying an expensive item anyway, so you don’t want shipping fees to be tacked on. Try not to buy an item or spend over a certain limit simply because you want free shipping. The key to avoid impulse buys is to ask yourself “Would I spend this money anyway?”

5. Bundle Coupons

bundle coupons

Bundle coupons let you get an item free with a purchase. These types of coupons are rare, but still exist. They are also a variation of the BOGO coupons except the complimentary product is different from the one you purchase. This might be a free ball or toothbrush. Sometimes, these coupons come into play when you spend over a certain amount, in which case you need to be careful. Also, make sure the second item is actually useful to you.

6. Free Item Coupons

free item coupons

By using this coupon, you get to own the product free of charge. You don’t have to pay even one paise. This is the best coupon since you get something for nothing. Companies usually release these coupons upon a new product launch or when a new store opens. This will generate buzz and hopefully get more people into the store. It is a good, but not frequently used marketing tactic. Be on the lookout for these coupons, especially if it is for something relevant to you.

7. Special Coupons

special coupons

The last type of coupons are the exclusive ones. These are the promo codes and coupons available only for certain people. Maybe you need to give your contact details, sign up for their blog, enter a contest, like their page, subscribe to their newsletter, or something else. Members get extra benefits. The point is that special coupons are not available to everyone, hence the name. Again, assess whether enrolling is worth the savings before jumping headlong into it, or you’ll end up with a flooded mailbox.

Those were the seven major types of coupons and promo codes. You can save money with any type, as long as you use it properly. That is the purpose of using a coupon, after all – to save money. DPC can help you with that.

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