We are continuing our ‘Top 3’ series. Our last article was about the Top 3 Travel Sites for Coupons and Promo Codes. We have also written about the Top 3 Restaurants along with the Top 3 Online Retailers. In this post, we are going to to do the same thing, but with hotel booking sites. Let’s begin.

Make My Trip Coupons


MakeMyTrip is a popular Indian online travel and lodging portal. Their headquarters is in Gurugram, Haryana. The services include hotel booking and hotel holiday packages. Their slogan is ‘Dil Toh Roaming Hai’.

Deep Kalra founded MakeMyTrip in the year 2000. He had previously studied at IIM Ahmedabad. Interestingly, MMT was launched in the US market first. It was meant for the overseas community of Indians living abroad for when they traveled from the US to India.

Only in September 2005 did they begin to target Indian travellers and people within India. The enterprise went public with their stock in August 2010, being listed in the Nasdaq. They acquired the travel-planning website Mygola in April 2015.

In November of the same year, they launched ‘Value+’, to find quality budget hotels. In MakeMyTrip’s 2016 round of funding, the business received $180 million from the Chinese travel booking agency Ctrip International, and $330 million overall.  

MakeMyTrip is currently India’s largest online travel agency with about 25% market share in the OTA hotel booking segment. Deep Kalra remains the CEO to this day.

They have 65 retail stores spread out across 50 cities in India, along with offices in Sydney, Australia, and New York City in the United States. Take a look at the MakeMyTrip coupons and promo codes on our website.

OYO Rooms Coupons


OYO Rooms is an Indian hotel brand that is responsible for owning, operating, and aggregating standardised hotel rooms. They are also known as ‘OYO Hotels’ or simply ‘OYO’ and are headquartered in Gurgaon, Haryana. ‘OYO’ is an abbreviation for ‘On Your Own’. This makes sense as people can book hotel rooms through the app on their own.

Unlike MakeMyTrip which also sells flight, train, and bus tickets, OYO Rooms focuses exclusively on hotels. You may also have noticed that they share the same state (Haryana) as their operational base.

Ritesh Agarwal is responsible for the founding of OYO (then Oravel Stays Pvt. Ltd.) in the year 2012. Ritesh was a mere 18 years of age and personally found it tough to find a cost-effective hotel booking.

In January 2013, they managed to get a hotel in Gurugram. Little did they know at the time that they would expand to become the largest network of hotels in India. Not just that, for OYO Rooms has branched out to include hotels located in Malaysia and Nepal as well.

As of April 2017, OYO Rooms is performing very well with over 70,000 rooms in 7,000 hotels across 200 towns. Ritesh Agarwal is still in charge. View the promo codes for OYO Rooms on our site.

Cleartrip Coupons


Cleartrip is an Indian travel company providing hotel and travel bookings. The Cleartrip headquarters are located in Mumbai. Cleartrip wants to make your trip clear by removing the need to use multiple apps and websites for travel, hotels, and local transport. This is supported by their slogan, ‘keep travel simple’.

Hrush Bhatt and Stuart Crighton are the two people who combined to create Cleartrip in 2006. It started off as a hotel and air travel aggregator.

Like the other two sites, Cleartrip crossed the Indian shores and have managed to breach the UAE (in 2010) and Persian Gulf nations of Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Kuwait (in 2012). Cleartrip also launched the mobile version of the app in 2012.

The company has received many awards and accolades over time, including ‘India’s Best Travel Website’ and ‘Best App – Travel & Hospitality’ which were given by PC World’s Best Indian Website Awards and The Mobies respectively.

The company is doing very well in the current year. Just recently, they had a partnership with Google to make Google Flights, a flight search application. Crighton is still the CEO while Bhatt is the Direct of Product & Strategy. You can avail Cleartrip coupons which are all visible on our site.

Hotels and resorts are a place of relaxation, and sometimes the hotel is better than the place you’re visiting itself! Regardless, your experience won’t be complete unless you’re staying at a quality hotel for an affordable price. That is what these three companies are dedicated towards providing.

We hope you liked this article about the origins of the top three Indian hotel booking sites and where they are now. That’s all we have for you today. Keep browsing DesiPromoCode for more coupons and promo codes for your favorite products and brands.