The current generation never settles for less, be it necessities like job, house, dress or luxuries like a car, air conditioner, etc. They want the best in everything.

Here is a list of list of ten best selling products of India that every youngster aspires to have.

1. Apparels
2. Consumer electronics
3. Footwear
4. Food, Health and beauty supplements
5. Jewellery
6. Fashion accessories
7. Toys and Video games
8. Kitchen and Home furnishing
9. Subscriptions
10. Handmade Goods.

Increasing demand for some hot products and sometimes the premium pricing makes it difficult for consumers to buy them.

Here is a solution for consumers to shop and save effectively – Using Promo Codes!

Manufacturers use coupon or promo codes to promote their products and stay on top of the market. These good deals encourage customers to shop more often.

List our three reasons why Indians should use promo codes:

1. Good Bargain

good bargain

The first great reason for using promo codes is to help you save big. We all love branded products but sometimes we cannot afford them. Promo codes come handy at such times. Shopping with promo codes or promotional links allow you to select the best products from a discounted price range.

If you wish to buy branded electronics or big home appliances, then we suggest you should wait for the festive seasons like Diwali, New Year, Dhanteras, etc. Manufacturers give away many promotional deals and coupon codes during this season. So you can buy the same branded products at a great discount.

2. Easy and Hassle Free

promo codes are easy and hassle free

Another good point for using the promo codes is they are easy to use and redeem. There was a time when we had to search numbers of newspapers and magazines for the coupon codes. But, now many manufacturers give away coupon codes and deals for their products. You can get the latest mobiles, kitchen appliances, fashion accessories, fitness equipment, etc at your doorstep.

All you need to do is choose and add the product to your cart, check for coupon codes/promo codes from websites like Desi Promocode in another tab. Now copy and apply the code before making the payment. This way you can also save the fuel and your valuable time with money!

3. Lesser Chance of Impulsive Shopping

lesser chance of impulsive shopping

Everyone loves shopping and it is a favorite pastime for women. Many retailers and branded showrooms are great at marketing. They know the knack of making you buy their products. They usually email tempting deals that you cannot resist and when you visit their stores, you end up buying many unnecessary stuff.

Online shopping is the best alternative for shopaholics to prevent them from making impulsive purchases. When you see your favorite products tagged as great deals, it becomes difficult for you to restrict yourself. You can instead add them to your wishlist and resist from making the purchase right away.

We Indians are greatly attracted to discounts and the above were three reasons that justify using promo codes for online shopping. Do you agree that promo codes can help Indians save more? Share your views with us at

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