What is a coupon code?  


Coupon codes and promo codes are particular combinations  of letters or  numbers  which are used by businesses to promote their products, service, etc. Customers can utilize these codes by applying them while checking out.

How does couponing help the retailers?


Not only the customers but also the retailers are benefited by the couponing system. Retails usually tie up with some famous couponing websites  or  applications to promote their products. Offering coupon codes or promo codes has now become a popular marketing technique to attract the majority of online shoppers.

So, has the couponing been popular all the time?


No, the first company to initiate the couponing system was Coca Cola. Though Coca Cola offered thousands of free drinks, only 1% of the free drinks were  redeemed by the consumers.

Coupon industry has evolved greatly from the one offered by Coca Cola. There are more than 150 couponing websites in India itself which make it overcrowded and confusing for consumers to choose one.

There were misconceptions before that only the poor and elder group used these coupons. You might have also felt the same if you had noticed your parents snipping the Sunday newspapers for coupons. The increasing number of internet users had a share in spreading awareness of these useful coupons. If you can save about 5% to 25% of each purchase  by just spending a few minutes then why not utilize it?

Digital coupons, mobile applications, email notification are quite popular in the couponing industry but we cannot leave out the paper or printable coupons as they are still popular. There are many people even today who go for printed coupons than the digital ones. Even many retailers prefer having paper coupons but the majority of shoppers love digital coupons.

The dramatic increase in the number of internet users, increasing e-commerce platforms and retailers interest in tying up with major couponing companies ensures a bright future for them.

Consumers love online shopping and the one who has been used to them would never go back to the brick and motors anytime soon. Thus there  is the only chance for the ecommerce industry to flourish further. To make the best use of this, coupon websites can offer generous and deals and frequent updates.

Shopaholics are extremely happy with the various promo codes, cash backs, and money backs that the retailers or e-commerce website give them. But many shoppers do not have the patience to search for the right coupon and they prefer paying few bucks more to save their time. Thus to be ahead in the competition you can employ the new technologies and data to auto-fill the promo codes or cashback offers that are applicable to their purchase.

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