We had written a post earlier regarding the Top 6 Coupon Misconceptions that talked about what people perceived would be a problem when it comes to coupons. Now our experts will tell you the real problems that couponers face and how to rectify them.

i. Overspending


Isn’t it ironic that coupons are supposed to save you money but you end up buying a lot more items instead? This is probably the biggest mistake that people commit. Please remember that you can’t bag every single deal. You don’t have to, anyway. Keep some primary items in mind and go after coupons for them. You are still in total control over what you buy. Remember that or you will end up with a massive bill.

ii. Expired / Fake Promo Codes

expired promo code deals

You have to make sure that the coupon is genuine, authentic, and valid. It should not have passed the expiry date. There are some false coupons and promo codes floating around on the internet, so beware. This is especially true for those coupons that you see in online advertisements, so proceed with caution. We had mentioned this in our article 9 Steps in the Online Couponing Process, as well. At DesiPromoCode, we only carry 100% fresh, original coupons and promo codes.

iii. Misreading


Aside from checking for validity, make sure you’ve read the coupon fully and understand exactly what it says. Read it at least twice to yourself. You might end up thinking one thing while the coupon is saying something else entirely. Some coupons have ambiguous or unfamiliar wording. Never assume.

If you have doubts and are unable to understand what exactly is on offer, try researching or calling the store. Don’t misread the coupons or they will mislead you. Certain shops place restrictions and have become stringent, tightening their rules regarding coupons.

iv. Buying Unnecessary Stuff

buying unneccessary things

This point should almost go without saying and is similar to the first mistake. Never purchase an item simply because you have a coupon for it. Don’t get something just because it’s a great deal. Use your best judgment and don’t let the promo code sway you. For example, if you don’t like a particular brand of toothpaste, but come across a coupon for it, avoid buying it. The end result will be a handful of items that you do not need. Resist temptation. Do not succumb!

v. Disregarding Generic Products

disregarding generic products

Your ultimate aim is to save money. Never forget this. Buy products that you need and the brands that you like. Try to catch these items on sale and combine them with the coupon for extra savings. However, if the generic store item is cheaper, you are better off buying that. You shouldn’t only purchase branded products because of superior quality, nor should you get only generic products because they are priced low. What you want is a healthy mix of both.

vi. Lack of Awareness

lack of awareness

People should know that promo codes are usually more effective when used on smaller quantities of products. A ‘25 rupees off’ coupon on 500-gram package costing 50 rupees means that you are paying only half. If you go for 2 kilograms instead (200 rupees), the difference isn’t as significant. Even though you are saving the same amount in both cases, the first scenario is much better.

The situation is flipped for percentage coupons as 30% of Rs. 200 is much more than 30% of Rs. 50. Also, remember that taxes and service charges will bump up the price. If you want to know the best strategy for the different kinds of coupons, we have an article for that.

Lack of awareness also leads to miscalculations regarding exactly how much you’ll save. To avoid confusion, perform all calculations before you buy. Also be sure to keep track of what you purchase.

vii. Living Large

living large

Do not go all out on items priced at a higher rate such as cars or televisions. You will lose much more money than you save. Also, you might want to think about buying something even if the coupon code doesn’t work. This is okay for small items, but if you do it with expensive stuff, you will quickly rack up numbers.

Another factor that people tend to forget is storage space. This is especially true for big ticket items like beds, refrigerators, and sofas. Even if you get a good deal, you will end up cramming and stuffing products. Purchasing too many costly goods could prove costly.

viii. Having Great Expectations

having great expectations

Television and the media may have raised you to believe that you can save thousands of bucks on every purchase with coupons. This is simply not true. Even extreme couponers save about 40 – 50% on their purchase. Don’t be discouraged by small benefits. The key is to be satisfied with whatever amount you managed to save.

Remember that even a moderate use of coupons can save you big time in the long run. DesiPromoCode has top deals for top retailers all over India. Keep using coupons and don’t get frustrated with stores or clerks. We assure you that your skills will improve over time. Remember these mistakes and avoid having high standards. This way, anything you save will be a surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one.