Online retailers are capitalizing on the Diwali shopping spree by reducing rates on their items. One such company is the world’s largest e-tailer, Amazon Inc. From top offers to the best deals, we let you in on everything you need to know about the Amazon Sale.  Plus, we share a secret for saving more with an Amazon promocode or coupon.

Amazon Diwali Sale


The e-tailing giant Amazon is going to hold a sale in anticipation of the dazzling holiday of Diwali. This sale is similar to their Great Indian Festival Sale last month. This Diwali sale will also be held on the Amazon India website.

There will be deals and offers on over 10 crore items ranging from fashion to furniture to electronics! There will be sizzling offers galore as prices will be slashed and select products will have steep price cuts. As long as you shop in a smart manner, you can save a whole load of money.

When is It?


The five-day mega-sale kicks off during the early hours of Wednesday, October 4th and ends at midnight on Sunday, October 8th. This means you have the rest of this week to shop your hearts out!

If you’re feeling a sense of deja vu, that’s because Amazon recently had a sale last month for Navarathri / Dussehra. That sale was from 21st to 24th September and was a day shorter. It was wildly popular and a huge success for Amazon.

Have Amazon rushed the dates this time around or have they got it just right? Only time will tell.

What’s Being Sold?


Just like that sale, this Diwali sale will have a multitude of products advertised at decreased amounts. Smartphones, cameras, flash drives, and earphones are just some of the electronics and gadgets that will be sold at a lower price. Smartphones and appliances in particular will be sold at 40% off.

The Great Indian Diwali Sale will see Amazon become the ultimate website for deals and discounts. Fashion and apparel is going at up to 70% off. Combine this with an Amazon promocode for an even larger savings. It is almost impossible to find deals like this anywhere else.

Large appliances such as TVs, air conditioners, refrigerators, and washing machines are on sale. Sports fans, gamers, explorers, fitness buffs, and musicians will all find at least one product that they like. There is up to 60% off on products in the Amazon Basics section of the site.

Special Offers


Amazon has a special deal for the night owls among us. The Midnight Deal lasts from 12:01 AM until 8 in the morning. Sleepyheads need not fret. If you are an early bird, the Blockbuster Deals start at 8 AM so you can make your mornings special. There are also Golden Hour Deals from 8 PM to 12 AM.

Certain offers are only available for people purchasing products through the Amazon app, so make sure you have that installed. Lucky winners of the Amazon App Jackpot will receive prizes worth up to 2 lakhs.

Amazon Prime members can get exclusive deals and have early access as opposed to non-Prime users. Apart from this, Prime membership gets you free and fast delivery of products.

If buyers use the Amazon Pay app, they can avail a 15% cashback offer. Amazon is also giving out an extra 10% cashback for people paying with Citibank credit and debit cards.

Amazon vs. Flipkart


Flipkart is Amazon’s biggest competitor and the only obstacle standing in the way of them becoming the number one online retailer in India. Flipkart has the majority of market share in India but has not announced dates for its Diwali sale.

They are both among the Top 3 Online Retailers for Coupons and Promo Codes, to no one’s surprise.  In fact, you can find many Amazon promocode and coupons on our website.

The companies had previously clashed for the Navarathri sale as Amazon’s Great Indian Festival Sale went up against Flipkart’s Big Billion Days. Despite being successful, they lost out to Flipkart.

Maybe Amazon learned something and wants to avoid going head-to-head with Flipkart this time around. They want to lure in new customers while rewarding those loyal enough to stick with Amazon. They get first crack at the Diwali sale and even the most diehard Flipkart fans will find it difficult to resist the temptation of the appealing offers.

Amazon might have taken some cues from Flipkart’s sale and used them for their own sale. The cashback deal for Citibank users and no EMIs is similar to the ploy used by Flipkart in its sale last month. This is sure to help them in their plan of Indian market domination.

It’s the next round of this brawl and the customers are standing on the sidelines, enjoying every second.

Why So Early?


The actual date for Diwali is Wednesday, 18th October, 2017. Why, then, is Amazon holding the sale two weeks in advance?

There are many possibilities for this. Perhaps Amazon wants to continue the momentum they built up from the last sale. If they wait for too long, they might not earn as much as they hoped. They want to keep the festivities going and don’t want to halt the party.

Aside from Flipkart, Amazon is doing battle with regular brick and mortar stores. Fashion and jewellery shops are especially crowded around the Diwali period. This could be a strategic move on Amazon’s part as it is a bit too early for physical Diwali shopping but not so for online shopping.

Either way, the people don’t really care. They get to avail offers on their favorite products, so why should they complain? The best part is that you can use an Amazon promocode to drive down the price further.

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We hope that resolves any doubts you had about the sale. If you want to save even more money, take advantage of coupons from other websites such as DesiPromoCode. We have a host of coupons and promo codes for Amazon Diwali Sale.

You can view all Amazon promocode on our site. Considering they sold 2,700 crores worth of stuff, it looks like they are going to empty the pockets of many Indians this time as well. The time has come for all you ladies and gentlemen to embrace the festivities of the Amazon Great Indian Diwali Festival Sale. You have 100+ hours of shopping ahead of you. What are you waiting for?