Do you think couponing is difficult? Have you started using coupons but are dissatisfied with the results? Are you a complete newbie when it comes to this couponing business? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the previous questions, keep reading. The following are the 4 worst blunders that people make when they begin to use coupons.

Blunder 1 – Impatience


When you first use coupons, you may find that you are not saving as much as you had hoped. Do not compare yourself with those who save 80 to 90% in online and TV ads, as there are usually fabricated. Do not quit just because you aren’t saving a large amount at the onset. By couponing more and reading articles such as these, you can pick up tricks of the trade.

Just assume that you shop for groceries every two weeks and spend about 1000 rupees on average every time. If you use coupons and promo codes to save 5 – 10%, you have 300 extra rupees in your pocket after just two months. Remember that you won’t incur enormous savings every time you use coupons, but even small deals over time can be very helpful.

Blunder 2 – Frustration


Using coupons and promo codes can be an exasperating process, both online and offline. Sometimes the website takes a long time to load or doesn’t accept the coupon or code for whatever reason. Sometimes the store employees may not answer your questions to your liking. Dealing with under-trained staff and faulty technology can be infuriating.

There is always the possibility that you have entered the wrong code. The coupon may have also expired, so watch out. Be sure to read the fine print so you don’t miss any other caveats. As for interactions with store employees, remember that they are humans too, and will make mistakes occasionally. Don’t get upset when things don’t go your way. No matter the confusion regarding store policies, coupons, or validity, there is no use in being aggressive or hostile to others.

Blunder 3 – Laziness


The next blunder is something that is almost human nature: laziness. Being too lazy when it comes to searching for coupons, writing a list, calling the store, or going shopping are all very real problems that you will face. We agree that this process can be draining at times, but that is no excuse to give up on it.

Often times, you will be left wondering whether it is worth going through all this trouble just to save a couple of rupees. Because of this, you may fail to stock up on the items they really need or use frequently.

The problems mainly stem from a lack of experience. Repetition and continuation will help you grow as a couponer. As with most other actions, you will get better as time goes on. Thinking about the benefits that you will reap and the money that you will save will help you overcome laziness and procrastination.

Blunder 4 – Obsession


Last, we have the opposite of laziness, obsession. Do not get too attached to the couponing process. Couponing in a smart manner is better than slogging and putting a lot of effort into it. Don’t stress out over when the next deal will come and when the optimum time to use it. Some people go to the extent of buying more of an item that they already have a lot of, just because they have coupons for it. Deplete the existing stock first.

Coupons are good, but they are not worth losing sleep over. You need to understand that your life does not revolve around coupons. There are a lot of other things that you can do. Instead of using the coupons to your benefit, you are letting the coupons control you. You don’t have to be the most extreme couponer in the universe. If you miss a certain deal, so be it. Take assurance in the fact that there will be many more deals down the road.

If you have committed these blunders, don’t feel ashamed. Even veterans are prone to these errors and blunders from time to time. Use it as a learning experience and move on. If you want to learn more about stopping errors, read our article, 8 Common Promo Code Mistakes and How to Avoid Them.

The key is to not give up and stay persistent with the couponing. Don’t fall prey to impatience, frustration, laziness, or obsession. Keep at it and don’t lose hope. You will eventually find that the process of couponing does not take that long. One website where you can find the best coupons is DesiPromoCode. All the popular deals are visible on the front page and you can search for coupons for a particular company. Use our coupons and you will rise out of novice-hood in no time!