Promo codes have risen to prominence in India due to the boom in online retailing over the past few years. Other than the quality and value, promo codes act as an additional incentive for customers to buy a product.

Here are four reasons why promo codes are the future in India:

Marketing and Analytics

marketing and anaytics

Since the promo codes are primarily digital, they can see which platforms have the most traffic or gain the most leads. Stores can analyze customer patterns and preferences and act accordingly.

“Okay. That’s a benefit to companies, but how does this affect me as a consumer?”, you may ask.

The answer to that is promo codes are easier to track than gift cards or cutouts of coupons. So, it is only natural that companies will start offering more promo codes and testing out new ways in a bid to attract people to buy their product.

People love discounts no matter which way they come in, so we’re sure the customers won’t mind.

Larger restaurant chains have made their entire menu available online on their website or app rather than handing out a flyer showcasing their food and offers. There is a shift to digital almost everywhere you look and promo codes will also follow this trend.

Rise of Social Media

rise of social media

Nowadays, companies are using Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as a means to market their products more than TV ads or billboards. As the promo code is just a series of numbers and letters, companies can distribute them via Facebook, Twitter, or other sites. This way, they can attract more people to follow them and increase their audience.

Companies will begin to offer more promo codes and less of the traditional coupons that were prevalent previously. Some companies run these promos and offers as part of a marketing campaign so they can then ascertain whether the campaign was effective through the amount of sales garnered. Coupons and offers that people tend to skip or ignore on newspapers are more likely to be noticed on a social feed.
Just like businesses have changed, so will the way those businesses promote themselves.

Smartphone Apps

smartphone apps

People can even redeem promo codes for apps.

Most enterprises fall into three distinct categories.

The first kind are the online services type. Apps like Uber, Foodpanda, and Redbus thrive because they have smartphone apps in the Google Play Store and the Apple iTunes Store. These are companies exclusive to the store with no brick and mortar location for people to visit and purchase products or avail services.

The next one are those offering products online. Companies like Flipkart, MakeMyTrip, or Amazon. These online marketplaces have websites where people can order products. In addition to this, they have released apps for their store. Still, these stores have no physical location. Sometimes, there are additional promo codes or offers available for people who order through the app.

In the last category are the businesses like Pizza Hut, KFC, and McDonald’s. These restaurants have places where people can visit and order food (products). However, they also offer delivery options. The fact that smartphone usage is increasing in both the personal as well as the business environment has definitely played a part in the rise of promo codes. These companies have released apps to capitalise on this trend.

Online Shift

online shift

All in all, there is a shift to online in India. This transition of businesses, especially retailers, entering the online realm will ultimately end up benefiting the both parties – the business and customers. They will gain more connections and get a larger reach. More business usually means cheaper prices anyway.

If a company does not appear in the online records, then it doesn’t exist- that’s almost how the current scenario has become. Last year’s Demonetisation and this year’s GST introduction have forced even hesitant companies to go online. Thus, there is a good market for online promo codes and coupons. They offer good promotional opportunities for the customer.

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