MSI is documented for its hard-core recreation ability. However, its new GPX series is supposed to deliver sturdy performance at comparatively cheap costs. It packs a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 GPU and Intel Core i7 C.P.U. for VR readiness. The laptop’s vivid show and cozy keyboard create it simple to advocate, although you will need to hold a charger with you. Also, notice that you are paying a little additional for the MSI’s fashionable style and RGB-backlit keyboard.

product description

Keyboard by Steel series

Keyboard by Steel series

Get a whole grip on your game with this MSI laptop computer. What offers you full management is it’s through the per-key illumination of the keyboard and its ergonomically designed keys with one.9 millimeter of key travel that enhances responsiveness and tactile feedback.

Cooler Boost five for All Day vice Sessions

Cooler Boost five for All Day vice Sessions

Which gamer wouldn’t sort of a game marathon? Game all day, all night and create the foremost out of your weekends with this MSI vice laptop computer. Equipped with MSI’s Cooler Boost five, this laptop computer comes with twin thermal modules, adopting twin Whirlpool Blade fans with seven heat pipes and 4 flow of air within the cooling module that facilitate expeditiously take away the warmth out of the system.

Giant Speakers

giant speakers

What’s the fun in taking part in a full-fledged action-packed game with dangerous audio? The essence of the sport is lost if the audio clarity isn’t up to the mark. to make sure your expertise loud, clear and high-quality sound, this laptop computer comes with 2 large speakers and 2 woofers.



You don’t need to struggle to search out the USB ports as this laptop computer, with its MSI exclusive technology, helps you discover them instantly, particularly in the dark.



Experience vice like ne’er before with this forty-three.94 cm (17.3) MSI laptop computer. because of its advanced DDR4-2400 memory and seventh info. Intel Core i7 processor, this laptop computer takes your computing experiences to successive level. What’s a lot of, this Windows ten laptop computer, with its GeForce GTX 1070 with eight GB GDDR5, more enhances your vice expertise by providing next-generation graphics performance.

MSI Shift Technology

shift technology

To ensure glitch-free, all-day vice, this laptop computer comes with the exclusive MSI “SHIFT” technology that minimizes noise, temperature and maximizes battery life thus you’ll be able to game the maximum amount as you would like.

VR Ready

vr ready

Immerse within the virtual world and knowledge vice like ne’er before with this VR-ready MSI vice laptop computer. It provides a sleek and powerful mobile platform for final VR games.



Indulge in associate degree immersive vice expertise by connecting up to 3 monitors to the present laptop computer and expand your vision. Its Matrix show supports 4K output thus you watch your vice characters come back to life.

True Color a pair of .0

true colour

Gaming on this MSI laptop computer could be a treat to your eyes, because of its True Color a pair of.0 technology. This technology offers nice color accuracy and utmost preciseness.

Killer Doubleshot professional

killer doubleshot pro

Don’t lose your game owing to lag. With this laptop computer’s Doubleshot professional feature, you’ll be able to choose a program that you simply need your network to order to make sure most information measure.

Smooth Gameplay


To ensure a sleek gameplay and to supply seamless uploads and transfer processes, this MSI laptop computer comes with Killer protect. What’s a lot of, this laptop, with a hundred and twenty Hz refresh rate and three ms interval, provides you with spirited visuals.