The man with perfect dress and without shoes, will not be a complete man. Footwear plays a vital role in this fashion world for every man. Comparatively women have an overflowing show than men, Since they would like to wear matching colors, but for men if you look out there is a pair of formal shoes, pair of sport shoes, the sneakers and chappals.

Black leather shoes are mandatory for every man, it looks very classy and perfect for formal look. Black will be most preferred color from along among them and it matched for all kind of dressed and also all occasions. Flip-flops is belongs to casuals and it will be perfect for summer and trip, holidays. We can use flip-flops for small trips and get our work done quickly.

Loafers - It's very comfortable and look classy for all sort of dresses. This will be the perfect footer wear for your office purposes.

Boots - It's a dream for every man and the look very stylish and the one who loves to ride log drive, it will be the perfect match.

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