More than a good closet and a makeup kit, natural beauty is what gets heads to turn. Smooth and glowing skin can be obtained by anyone by just following some basic tips.



The one easiest way to safeguard your skin from the sun and look younger is by the use of sunscreen. Since maximum of wrinkles and skin damage is caused by the sun, preventing the rays from reaching your skin is better than fixing it afterwards. Sunscreen does just that. SPF30 sunscreen is the most suggested and helps to prevent most of the damage.



After applying makeup, many women do not wash their brushes or sponges which collect dirt and bacteria which causes skin breakouts and a lot of damage. Applying makeup everyday is also harmful to the skin, it is suggested to apply makeup only once a week on any occasion.

Dried fruits and nuts

dry fruits

Nuts from Brazil are rich in selenium which increases the flexibility of the skin and also prevents and decreases skin cancer. Walnuts which contain omega-3 fatty acids, stops the breakouts. Macadamias are filled with high quality oils and fatty acids that promotes skin repair. Almonds every morning also are a must for opening your pores. A handful of these and your skin will glow as it reaps their benefits.

Drop dairy

drop dairy

Diary products including the organing ones contain various hormones that lead to acne. Stick to skimmed milk as the hormones are concentrated into fat.

Go to bed early

early to bed

Even after hearing this a hundred times, following it seems to be a problem. Sleeping helps renew your cells and is very nourishing to your..its called beauty sleep for a reason. If you are deprived of sleep, it lowers the circulation hence you start to pale out. Sleep well…look beautiful.



Washing you face very frequently cleans out your pores and prevents acne which is a huge deal. Practice safe sun and try covering your face from any dirt while going out.



As everyone already knows…water is the best remedy for cracked skin and dry skin. Drinking 8 glasses of water a day gives you amazing results.