The increase in use of technology has given a fair chance for busy people to shop what they like with ease without any hassle, internet gives the opportunity for them to shop at the click of mouse or at the click on a shopping app. We have been hearing this story of women shopping from ages that buying is a part of her daily life. It is viewed by women as a stress relieving hobby or gives her some adreline rush and some women treat it as a way to add something new to every day mechanical monotonous life.

Thanks to the prevalence of computer that one can completely avoid the long routes, traffic, hustling crowd to get something. Whereas at one go you can see various options and variety of choices online. Biggest option which online shopping offers is to buy anything and everything you need while on a flight or while getting ready for bed. At the same time the traditional shopping gives one the feel of how it looks and the quality of the product and price which we pay for a particular thing. It also allows one to interact with seller and check the product.


When we talk about ta typical woman shopping she looks at the value for money and time. Boom in the fields of online shopping has given her the choice of saving time and cost. When we categorize the women we can say that the shopping pattern varies from age to age. A teenager girl would love to go to a mall to check out stuff what she wants to pick up, do a research around it and buy.

A woman in her late twenties working will have a different pattern of shopping when compared to a woman who is a house wife sitting at house taking care of household chores, obviously the former would chose online shopping to save the time and the later would prefer to go for the traditional shopping. Whereas when we talk about women who have children and are mothers, there are lots of responsibilities, and the time plays an important part to manage all the household activities and to buy stuff for entire family in budget.

Comparatively kid’s stuff is the most expensive stuff and at their growing age things which we buy go waste in a month’s time which definitely needs a smart buy strategy. Due to the good growth in the online marketing segments lot of retail shops and lots of companies have emerged who provide the one stop solution for all the needs from clothing to groceries like snap deal, amazon, flipkart, grofers, big basket etc.


When we see a traditional shopping mode for the women considering all the various scenarios which are mentioned above the choice is limited and the prices are high especially we have very few brands for women who are going to be mothers and for the babies and kids. Mostly sellers who sell stuff in regular retail stores are local retailers except few brands like Mahindra, motherhood, Lilliput etc. Whereas the online market gives them a wide option of selecting from various sources at affordable and reasonable prices.


At the end women want to explore anything new in the market and love to shop so let it be traditional of online shopping as far as her need is satisfied she would search till the end and shop what she wants.