This is the generation of technology as everyone already knows, the youth if this generation thrive on social media. As social media says, the students do and they rely on ongoing trends on the social media to be socially active.

Social media plays a major role in the student community too whether it is academic or just exposure to the world. Yes, of course communication is what social media stands for and communication helps students in many ways. But while this social networking has become such a rising concept as it makes it easier for people to stay connected, it can also affect the youth and more specifically, the student community in many ways.


One way is that social media, as much as it is helpful, can easily become addicting which negatively impacts the student’s capability to achieve a social maturity and starts to lose their academic strength. This addiction grows stronger and stronger ending up in a situation where a student cannot go through a day without social media, without going through their phones every time they hear a buzz of notification, without knowing what trend the world is following etc.

Social media is a dangerous platform where an individual could be emotionally hurt, stunted and laughed at. Even if there are a million good people on social media, there’s always a bad side of people to it, who impact one’s life enormously with their harsh and cruel words.


Cyber bullying, harassment, blackmail, hacking, trolling etc are all common problems coming from social media due to which many a student has taken their life for. Students these days are hungry for popularity and hence pushing them to be as social as possible, having accounts for various platforms such as facebook, twitter, instagram etc and even on online dating sites, making them a vulnerable prey to the after effects.

The addiction of always fiddling with these smartphones increases and lethargy increases. Not to mention that social media is the guide to every students life. If a certain post affects one person, it affects the whole friend circle he/she has that in turn affects everyone else.

As being on social media is so important to students these days, without it, students are lost, clueless about the real world which is a very dangerous situation to face. When we say communication is key, we do not mean communication with strangers.


Social media gives us a medium of connect to all parts of the world leaving us open to a whole lot of dangerous people. Yes social media has its downside impact on a student but it also has its perks. News from all around the world at your fingertips, academic books, information about anything and everything, social media helps.

Whether its talking to your loved ones who live far away or planning a getaway with friends, social media makes that possible and easier. So at the most, social media certainly has its own impact on the student community of this generation.