Hello beautiful ladies out there!!
Hope you have started enjoying the monsoons snuggled up in your quilts, watching your favourite TV shows with a bucket of popcorn…. that sounds heavenly, doesn’t it?!! ☺


Alright! So let’s get down to what we have here for today’s discussion.
What I’m going to pen down today is a topic, or let me call it a necessity that has made its way to people’s mind in our country so bad that they think there is no existence without it.
So let’s talk about fairness!!
Yes! You read it right, let’s talk about this strong stigma that has woven itself so well around us that we have started to rely so much and so blindly on the cosmetic industry to make every nook and corner of our body look “fair” or should I say we have given a great chance to the cosmetic industry to feed on our mentality to the extent where they have even come up with products that can make your private parts look fairer and they make it look like it’s a crime otherwise.
So what is it that makes us Indians run behind the fair colour so blindly?
Why aren’t we just content and happy with our skin colour?
Why don’t we take pride in the skin we were born with?


While the whole world is running behind tanning products to add some colour to their fair or rather should I call it ‘pale’ skin, we Indians who were fortunate enough to be born of such beautiful colour, such gorgeous tanned skin, such beautiful dusky complexion have taken on to this weird crazy obsession of getting fair skin.
We endlessly search for cosmetic products that can turn our dark complexions to fair and porcelain skin tones, come it at any cost. Then we have so many cosmetic procedures flooding the market only to feed on our fetish with fairness.

I shall not restrain myself from making a special mention to the Indian mothers who play a huge role in magnifying the importance of the “fair colour” to the young girls (read daughters).
Well, as per them this colour shall be what can fetch us Indian girls a great match for marriage, (the only goal with which we are expected to live with) and hence in the process of achieving this fair skin tone, no cream, no lotion or no home remedy is spared.
Young girls are constantly advised on how they can resort to various remedies and procedures to get fairer.
But I have an important question to ask.
In the race to achieve what is assumed the better “colour” ….


Have we ever given a thought as to how much we are degrading something of our own?
Have we thought about how much of mental pressure we create for the young girls who have to go through so much of colour shaming?
Why is it that we look down upon what is ours, we have let this fairness frenzy take over so much on to our thinking and our life that everything has started to revolve around this.
Starting right from the basic daily needs, to the expensive pampering we indulge in, the food we eat and even the air we breathe, everything is being marketed around this colour craziness.
There needs to be an end to this and that can happen only when we the young generation of the country can educate our self and the others about how easy, natural and simple it is to feel beautiful in our own skin.

Let’s teach our girls to be aware, educated, ambitious, confident, strong, healthy and everything they would need to lead a happy and content life. Being fair is definitely not the oxygen we need to stay alive.
So ladies!!! Simply put, be proud of what you are and who you are, stay unfair, stay beautiful, stay happy!!!