As they say, Lipstick is the key. You can add a statement by your choice of lipsticks. If you go bold on your eyes you can keep your lip shades low key or if your makeup is pretty basic and your outfit is simple, you can always choose to brighten up by using bold lipsticks. Who doesn’t like to experiment with their lipsticks? But it can be tricky as not all colors go with all the skin tones. With lot of makeup essentials being online, we bring you the best lip shades that suit Indian skin tones. All the lip shades are budget friendly so don’t forget to check them out.
Starting with lipsticks that suit Medium to Darker skin tones, here are some that you can pick up and make it yours.


1. Maybelline color sensational- summer sunset shade number 615:
As neutrals are in trend, this neutral shade is just made for the deeper skin tone. You can opt for neutrals just to give a slight tint to your lips and even out your lip tone and not look to edgy. You can just rock nudes by adding them to your daily lipstick collection.
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2. Streetwear lipstick- Dreamy berry:
For Medium to darker skin tones this lipstick is one of the prettiest ones to have. With a peachy tint this lipstick looks so gorgeous on the lips.
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3. Lakme enrich satins- 145:
Enrich satin range from Lakme has a lot of shades and is one of the most affordable lipstick from their range of lipsticks.
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4. Colorbar crème lipstick- Candy rose:
Pink, cause why not? Match your outfit with this lip stain and rock it like no one else.
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5. Elle 18 lipstick- Hot pink:
Elle 18 lipsticks are so affordable and are easily available in the drug stores and this shade is a pure bliss.
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6. Elle 18 lipstick- rosy blush fair:
More on the reddish under tone is this shade from Elle 18 and red makes you look hot like no other shade.
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7. Coloressence matte lipstick- Fire desire
All you dusky beauties, this deep red is made just for you, Rock in red.
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8. Maybelline colorsensational lipstick- Bronze orange
Oranges are just not for only the fairer skin tones. This Bronzer orange shade makes the deeper skin tones enhance like no other.
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9. Revlon colorstay lipstick- Rich raisin
Browns reminds us of chocolates and this shade is just that. Brownies on your lips and compliments on your way.
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For all you people out there with Fair to Medium skin tones, these lipsticks are just made for you. Check it out right below.
1. Revlon colorburst lipstick- Blossom 099
Nudes are simple and sober and this is just the right one, so go for it.
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2. MTV MUAH by blue heaven- LS 13
Nudes with a peach don’t hurt. This is definitely one of those. Go see it for yourself.
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3. Oriflame giordani gold lipstick- Rose blossom
Pinks Pinks and Pinks. Flaunt your lips with this pink kiss. This lipstick from the giordani collection had to make it to the best lipstick list.
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4. Avon simply pretty lipstick- Daring mauve
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5. Oriflame pure color lipstick- Blush pink
Blush it away with lipstick too. Never say never to a pink of course.
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6. Streetwear lipstick- pink pirouette
Oranges are so tricky to be on lips but for a fairer skin tone, this orange can look so dashing and done.
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7. Oriflame giordani gold- Honey chestnut
Are you a brown lover? This is an amazing brown shade and looks so gorgeous on the lips
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Two universal shades that go with all the skin tones are these two lipsticks. If you’re looking out for yourself or to gift your dear bestie, without a second thought you can go for either of these two shades.


1. Lakme 9-5 lipstick- coral incentive
Corals are not just for the sea, you can wear one too. The 9-5 range from lakme has to be the best launches and for a longer stay and no touch ups, these are just made for that.
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2. Blue heaven expressions-R002
Red being a universal shade, anyone can rock a red and look stunning. This blood red shade is so damn right!
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