As I sit in a corner of my room pondering over my random thoughts, I hear a faint soothing music playing form my phone. Immediately I am taken to my happy place and I am in comfort. As the next track plays my mind responds with a different reaction. Being an avid music listener, music has always been a form of expressing my un-wordable feelings. Be it the eighties rock ballads or today’s EDM – Electronic Dance music, music knows no bounds and is eternal in nature. The year 2016 has a plethora of audio releases and un-countable box office hits.
Let’s review the top five.

#1. Ee Babugaruki :

ee babgaruki

The feel good song has a distinct rock n’ roll groove to it. The guitar opening and the playful flute and piano tunes that weave in and out of the song give the song a playful, carefree vibe. Suraj Santosh’s voice takes the song to a whole new level. While the lyrics by Rahul Ramakrishna take you back to an older time, the playful composition of Vivek Sagar blends the old and present culture beautifully. An excellent song to JAM to!

#2. Hymn For The Weekend :

hymn for weekend

The second single from Coldplay’s recent album- A Head Full of Dreams, received a lot of controversy for their music video. The audio track on the other hand did not fail to disappoint the Coldplay fans. The song opens with Beyonce’ vocal harmonics, followed by a beautiful piano intro by Chris Martin. The entire song up to the chorus feels very calm and composed. The chorus on the other hand is a burst of energy and joy, much like the celebration with ‘Holi’ colours in the video. The four piece band fills the song beautifully and the backing vocals lift the song, creating the ‘Wow’ effect of the song. The song ends on a soothing note with our hearts and ears earning for more. It is really hard to stop yourself from hitting the ‘replay’ button!!

#3. Tu hai :

tu hai

While this soothing track is loved by many, it is definitely not A.R. Rehman’s best composition. The song seems uninspired and lacks the magic of A R Rehman’s previous composition like ’Roja’ , ‘Bombay’ and ‘Rang De Basanthi’. The song is filled with a wide range of instruments and rhythm patterns. The scale shift in the song is applaudable bringing the emphasis that was intended. The song then proceeds to end on a soothing note.

#4. Neruppu Da :


The opening track of ‘Kablai’ is all the power that we look for in the movie. The powerful guitar opening and the growling infused in the singing is authoritative. The song is filled with energy and gives a commanding vibe. Much admiration to the music composer Santosh Narayan! A perfect song to listen to when you are looking for some determination and empowerment!

#5. Nannum Rowdy Thann :

nanum rowdy tan

Benny Dayal’s perfect vocals fit the song’s Rock n’ Blues style. The trumpets and the backing vocals in the song give it a fresh, carefree, feel-good vibe. The light guitar in the background lifts the song when its energy is down. A perfect song to listen to, when you are in a mood to shrug off your responsibilities and go for a long drive with the wind tousling your hair!